Thursday, October 26, 2006

A new addition to the family

He did it. He did it much sooner than either of us expected.

When I got home from work we had a discussion about how hard this car is to get and to get what he wants it would take close to 6 months. The specific car he had looked at a week or so ago was already spoken for.

I went to my knitting class and Greg went off to the dealership. Ok. So I get a call from him as I'm leaving class and I jokingly say "Did you buy a car?". Remember I say this jokingly. He replies "Yes. I did". I thought he was toying with me but alas he wasn't. He was in the process of doing the paperwork and he wanted me to run home to get the checkbook!

I am on the way home and he calls me to says I do not have to bring the checkbook. The salesman will come to our home in the morning to pick up the check. Nice of them to let Greg bring his "new baby" home.

I think of it as a new member of the family. We'll have to give this car a name. This car deserves a name. The car is metallic black and gorgeous. Any suggestions for a name?

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bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
Congrats on being a new "mom". Suggestions for a name? My so non-creative dad would say, "Blackie". We would all roll our eyes. He would laugh. Predictable! Enjoy your new baby!