Monday, October 02, 2006

Mice will Play!?

Today is Monday. I hate Monday's and I especially hate Monday's when Greg is going out of town-on business to LA. Even though I love the thought of going shopping at lunch and coming home with no worries of "what's in the bag?" I worry. I worry something will happen to him(like that can't happen to him while he's home?). I know its unreasonable...but hey, that's who I am.

His being away...its good for me and its good for him. Its good for Chase and Beanie(they can sleep in the bedroom). I didn't say they would sleep on the bed! I'll see how it goes tonight - I have to crate Beanie because if he has to go to the bathroom he'll just go wherever he feels like it. Chase can sleep wherever he wants as he will wake me up if he needs to go outside.

Last Thursday I had my first "Improve your Skills" class at Village Yarn and Tea. Its a class where you come in with a project, knit while class is going on and get help when you need it. All the women seem very nice and I'm looking forward to getting to know them all better. There are 7 of us. I'm working on Alice Starmore's Abalone from Pacific Coast Highway. I love the colors and it uses Steeks. I haven't actually cut a steek. Yes, you C-C-Cut into the knitting! YIKES. Here are a couple photos of my dear Abalone.

As you can see above, the steek is the vertical bar-like area. That is where I will CUT!

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