Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Sock Stash

Here is the remainder of the *known* sock yarn. I may have stashed some other sock yarn in other places that I'll find, someday!

Mind's Eye Yarn - Lucy is very nice and her stuff is beautiful, soft.

Koigu KPPPM in P41 - you all know this yarn.
Mix of Regia - I bought these years ago when these were the first self-patterning socks on the market. They were hard to come by back in the day!
The coveted Vesper self-striping sock yarn. Very hard to get a hold of. Julia is very, very nice but she doesn't do enough dying! Her stuff is sold out in minutes when she sells at her store Knitterly Things. On the left is Strange Little Mama and the right is Neopolitan(brings back memories of childhood)! This if Fortissima Cotton. It is so soft!

Dea Terra Creations - handpainted with natural dyes - Cormo Wool. Maia is very nice and her Etsy shop can be found here. I bought this because I heard Cormo wool is very nice to work with so I searched on the internet and found her.

Lorna's Laces shepherd sock in Navy and Wisteria. The story about Wisteria. Ok. Don't laugh and don't judge me! The first year of Desperate Housewives was a hoot. So I knit my sister Trish a pair of Wisteria socks - so she could wear her socks while watching the ladies on Wisteria Lane. This yarn was for a pair for me. The second season wasn't nearly as good so the sock yarn has laid unknit. This year the episodes are better so maybe maybe I'll have more motivation to knit these up this season! If any of you have suggestions for a pattern for this yarn, let me know.

My African inspired yarns - Opal Yarns - Tiger, Zebra and Opal Bamboo in green and brown. I knit Renee' my sister the Zebra socks in Jaywalker Socks pattern. They turned out really cute.

The zebra socks...

This is unknown sock yarn...socks just about finished.

That's not so bad, right?? Definitely more room for sock yarn, don't you think?

One more latest Starmore acquisition. American Portraits from an Amazon Seller. Price not so bad. I really like Canyonville.

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