Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shedir is done!

I like the results overall but I don't like the cast-on edge. Its a little loose. The yarn is Rowan Calmer and it is so very soft and feels wonderful against bare skin. I just hope Marie likes it and that it provides some warmth and comfort while her hair is growing back in.

On to venting. I rarely speak about work but today warrants it.

I had a rough, rough day at work. I'm one of those people that gets their work done quicky and pretty darn efficiently(if I may say so myself). I'm dependable, loyal and you know what that gets you? More work. I keep getting assigned more and more high priority work.

I used to wonder why my mom would say "Don't work so hard". I would be thinking "WHAT THE???". Why would my mom, in all of her hard earned wisdom say such a thing? She knew. She knew that you work hard, you are fast in churning out the work and it just gets you MORE. N-N-N-No. Not more money, not more appreciation, not priority for vacation time off. I just get more work. They are damn greedy bastards.

So you know where I'm going with that? I also accumulate more yarn and more knitting books. Stress begets more things "I need". In the unhappy world I work in, me and my co-workers are finding a lot of ways to deal with our situation.

I just really splurged on Alice Starmore's 'The Scottish Collection' last week. I haven't received it yet but I figure "I deserve it". (A dangerous motto).

Tonight my hubby is at the Seattle Auto Show with his brother Mike. I know Greg is buying a new car. No, not AT the show but sometime in the next few months. We've discussed it. That's fine. We stopped by a dealership on the way home from the lake this weekend and test drove the model he wants. Its nice but it was the bare bones version and doesn't have all the bells and whistles he wants on it. I liked it ok. Its A CAR. Its not yarn or coveted out-of-print books.

He gets the Mercedes, I get the Starmore. Only a knitter could appreciate that comparison. Plus he doesn't say A WORD when my (many) packages arrive on the doorstep. Ok he does say a few words like "What is inside? Yarn? Knitting books?" He knows to zip the lip and say "That's nice yarn, honey" when the contents come out of the box.

I love him.


bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
Mom was right: switch gears. Don't be mad, be S-L-O-W! Get a massage. Enjoy life. Work will always be there.

Megan said...