Thursday, October 05, 2006

How many sock clubs?

I just signed up for a sock club. How I ever found Julia Vesper of Vesper yarns I'm not sure. It may have been from the Yarn Harlot.

Anyway I peruse Julia's blog from time to time. First she sold yarn on under Knitterly Things and now she has her own internet "storefront".

Recently I saw this post on Knitterly Things and she is collaborating with The Sweet Sheep for a sock club. Of course I had to join. Its a four month stint beginning in November. So once a month for four months I'll get a really fun package in the mail. The only downside is it is just for the yarn - no pattern included.

Like I really need any more sock yarn, right?

As I hit the purchase button on the The Sweet Sheep site I was thinking how I also want to join the Blue Moon Fiber Arts 'Socks that Rock' sock club. That club has been so popular that I'll doubt I'll get "in". They say they will send email when they are ready to accept members in November. This one would be more fun because you get a fun pattern along with the yarn. See the following link for more details.Blue Moon Fiber Art Sock Club

The sock I'm currently working on and that I carry in my purse is the Tabi Socks by Sandi Rosner from Not Just More SocksIt is the sock on the cover of the book. Since I love wearing flip flops...I thought these would be fun. The Yarn I am using is hand dyed and hand spun by my friend Terry. I "met" her through e-bay. She now lists her stuff on Etsy. Here is a link to her shop. Bizyhands

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bizyhands said...

Hey, Naomi!
Thanks for the "plug". I hope I get to see those fabulous socks (knowing you, they MUST be FABULOUS) soon! Having an absolutely wonderful day myself, listing yarn and spinning. Hope you take some time this weekend to rest your weary paws.