Wednesday, September 27, 2006

For Jamie-an update!

Ok Jamie. A new post!

I don't have a whole lot to report right now. If I actually created posts to document my knitting I would have many, many more posts.

Currently I am knitting Nicky Epstein's Jacobean bag. It is very cute! I'm about 60 percent done.

I'm also knitting Alice Starmore's Abalone from her Pacific Coast Highway.

I always have a pair of socks in my purse just in case I'm standing in line somewhere. Recently I was at the pharmacy and there was a long line. I was happy to have a line because I could have a good excute to knit a few rows!

This weekend Greg and I are going to celebrate Gail and Dan's 35th wedding anniversary. Gail and Dan went to high school with Greg. Greg and I crack up because they are celebrating 35 years and we are on 3!

That is it for now. Gotta hit the hay!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Stash Building!

I did a fair amount of stash building in the past couple days. My sister Cheryl and I went around town for 1)Pearl Cotton for her sewing and 2)Yarn for my stash. Actually the intent was to use some of my birthday money for the ever-expanding stash.

So...Trish and Cheryl bought me: Hand Maiden(Fleece Artist) Silk Shell kit in Vintage and a Skein of Alchemy Yarn's Synchronicity in Southern View.

I purchased one skein of Be Sweet's Magic Balls (keep your mind out of the gutter!) which support's South African women) in Victorian Ball.

I also got 8 skeins of Classic Elite's Bam Boo for Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset.

Then I went home and spend money from my in-law's. I bought Jamieson Spindrift 2ply for Alice Starmore's Abalone from Pacific Coast Highway.

Beginning the end of September I am taking a project class from Village Yarn and Tea. I love this kind of class where you just come in and knit and meet nice people and there is someone there to help you if run into issues. I used to take this type of class from Acorn Street but wanted something a bit closer to my home. I decided on Abalone because it is a fair isle project using steeks and I've always been squeemish about doing a steek. Who wants to CUT into yarn? Yikes!

I would post some photos but I'm too lazy to get the yarn out, take photos and load them. I'm just too busy knitting!