Sunday, October 08, 2006

Venice, Florence and Rome

This doesn't look like Italy does it?

Today I stopped dragging my feet and got work done on a scrapbook for my parents-in-law of Venice, Florence and Rome. A year ago we invited Ron and Evie to go with us to Italy. Greg and I absolutely love Italy and since we met in 2000 I think we have taken a trip there every other year. We both feel like we know these cities very well and felt totally comfortable taking on the role of tour guide.

I thought it would be a special trip to take them with us. So we suggested it to them and they were thrilled. They are now 84 years old and they are still able to do this kind of travel. It was a memorable trip, in many, many ways.

How many of you have traveled with your in-laws for 2 weeks straight? I love my in-laws almost as much as my own parents but think about it. What words come to mind? Crazy, Insane? Is it that I was crazy and/or insane to think about doing it or would I come back crazy and insane?

Travelling with my own parents would present "issues" but these are my in-laws! So, yes it was challenging but I've had some distance from it now and I'm absolutely glad we did it.

I promised them a scrapbook for their birthday gifts this year and its taken some time to get into it(I missed both their birthday's but I figure better late than never). Today I finished Venice and am half way through Rome(22 pages so far). It feels good to get some pages accomplished. After all I need to finish this so I can get started on South Africa. I didn't do an Italy one for me and Greg on this trip but I will.....eventually(yeah, right-sort of like I did a small wedding scrapbook for them but haven't done one for us).

What has my hubby been doing today while I try to get this scrapbook done? You know him. He's a TOY BOY. No I didn't get the words mixed up or out of order(remember he is 14 years older than me. smile). He loves his toys.

I knew this was going to happen soon. I know him now, I know how he works. He looks and looks at a toy. He researches, he waits, he thinks about it and then sooner or later her takes the plunge....kinda like being 49, never been married and finally decides he doesn't want to lose the love of his life and proposes marriage! Admittedly I should not compare a flat screen, plasma tv to our lifelong commitment!

He got the tv up on the wall in our bedroom but had to run out to get some cables so I took a quick picture. He doesn't want me to photograph it until its all done but I can't wait. I need to post this entry.

You know what is more scary? Since I know his process before he buys something...he's been looking at new cars, even went so far to go to the dealer Friday while I was running between 3 doctor appointments.

I know him. He'll have a new car soon.

I'm not feeling guilty about those Starmore books anymore!


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The scrapbook is such a lovely gift and I do so envy you your relationship with your inlaws (I have 'ding-dong the witch is dead' on my cell for when my MIL calls ~ and I can only say I'm not kidding, she's evil) and I believe they must cherish you, as well. Love your tv. I'll have to show that to my own Toy Boy!