Monday, October 02, 2006

Jacobean and Bean-dog

Have you heard of Nicky Epstein's Floral Felted Bag aka Jacobean? I fell in love with this bag when it came out in Interweave Knits Fall 2004 issue. I was more reasonable back then and, I don't have time to knit this. But...all of that has changed and I'm working on it.

Its knitting up pretty quickly but between Abalone and Jacobean I don't have time to catch up on organizing my Africa photos!

I love knitting...absolutely crazy about it. I crave it when I haven't knitted for a few days. I think about it when I'm at work(wishing I could be knitting). I don't want to go to bed when I know I should. I have to wean myself off it before going to bed or else I'm too keyed up to go to sleep! I wake up thinking about it. Its just PURE PASSION!

A flight attendant told me that knitting is like potato always want more! I laughed about it but then realized how true that is. Just one more row, just a little bit more so I can see how the pattern is developing. Its crazy and anyone with a strong passion in life understands this. I'm glad I've found one of my true, clear passions in life. Boy am I excited about retiring one day!

Here are some photos of Jacobean - a photo of a finished bag and then my progress on it.

Here is another type of Bean. This is Beanie....aka Bean-dog. I love this guy. How could you not?? He's a special one...not the brightest as dogs go but he's full of love and intuition. When mommy is tearing up - from a sappy commercial to a full blown boo hoo, he is right there to comfort me. What a love. There is nothing like Bean-dog love.

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Jamie said...

I love this little boy! He is such a ham for the camera. Chase doesn't care if you take his picture but Beanie does! Can anyone say "Close up!"