Friday, June 01, 2007

Even More Bonaire

I heard from Melinda that Seattle is experiencing some very hot weather. I told her that I leave town and it heats up. I go all the way down to the Netherland Antilles and I could have just stayed home! Just kidding.

It has been much muggier this trip. We have never come this late in the year - so we didn't get to experience this much humidity. It is still lovely here but we are thankful for air conditioning. Last night making the just over one mile walk "home" from was h-h-hot. When we walk into our room, we take a big sigh of relief!

I just did a very cursory review of some of Greg's pictures from yesterday so I can share something of what is below the waters here. Yesterday just as thedive boat was arriving at the dive site, a huge pod of dolphins were playing quite close. They all jumped into the water sans diving gear so they could see them before they sped off. Greg said these dolphins were the biggest he has ever seen and that they were playing within 5 feet of the divers. He als said he heard them "talking" in their sqeak speak. I had the pleasure of hearing dolphin talk in Fiji but didn't actually get to get close to the dolphins.

Back to the photos:

Now the knitting content. Here is the Memories of Ukraine. I am making progress. It looks kind of funky at this point. The body will be much longer(I try to stay age appropriate! ) and it will have long sleeves.

Tomorrow(and Sunday) I will be missing out on the first Jean Wong class sponsored by Madrona Fiber Arts. When I get back I'll have my hands full with the first two projects - a round neck vest (project 1) and a top down sweater(project 2). The Sunday I get back Melinda will help me get up to speed. Thank you so much Melinda!!

I have not worked on my Kauni cardi in quite some time. Check out Melinda's blog for her progress. Her sweater is amazing and so well constructed. Go quit your job girl and teach!

As you may recall, Ruth Sorenson is the designer of the Kauni cardi. If you have not checked her blog in some time, you should go here to see her latest design. It is truly amazing!!! She uses the striping of the Kauni yarn in such inventive, innovative designs. Go check it out!


Rebecca said...

Now why didn't I just miniature myself and hide in your yarn bag before you left? This was extremely shortsighted of me. We miss you and I'm so glad you're blogging ~ love the photos and love the knitting progress. Can't wait to see it and you!

bizyhands said...

Wow girl, you even multitask on your vacation. The knitting photos and little critters look great. Now I am starting to be envious...

Tanya said...

Did you find any errors in the Memories of Ukraine sweater? It's on my to do list but generally I wait to see if there are any problems with the pattern.