Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bonaire Stuff

I am intrigued by the physics or whatever that makes the leeward and windward sides of islands. Admittedly I'm not educated in what makes this so(all that science stuff.) All I know(don't be embarrassed Greg) is that the side of the island we are on, the west side, is the leeward side and the waters are so calm and serene while the east side, or windward side, has very rough waters.

Here is the view from our room on the leeward side. We sit out on our deck every morning and enjoy our tea/coffee with this wonderful view. When I get to Houston, after clearing customs I am going straight to a Starbucks. I need some *good* coffee!

Now here is the windward side:

One of the newer sports that is hot is kite surfing. It is pretty cool stuff. There is a famous brother trio on the island that I read about in one of the local publications. This sport looks like you need a lot of athletic ability.

I just did a quick browse of some of Greg's photos. I hope he doesn't mind that I post them before they are truly ready for public consumption....

If you click on this photo you can see this guy has blue claws.

Today is Thursday already. I have just today and tomorrow here before I make the long trek home on Saturday. I fly off Bonaire at 7:30 am. Gotta love those early flights(not).

Admittedly I've indulged in spa treatments while here. Last Friday I had a deep tissue massage that was to die for. Not the kind that Ryan and TMK had that left them bruised! See the archives of Mossy Cottage Knits on April 16. Tuesday I had a facial, this morning I tried reflexology and this afternoon I'm getting a polish change on my toes! Did you know that bug repellant will make your polish bubble up? It looks unsightly! Tomorrow afternoon I'm doing another deep tissue massage so I can be relaxed and ready to come home!

Usually when G and I go on these types of vacations I think "Oh, I'll do spa treatments" but never do because I'm sort of...well, I think..."its too much of a splurge". Greg always tell me to do them but in my past I had to be more of a financial miser and old habits die hard. He does two dives a day and that adds up. So he figures to make things "even" I should do a spa treatment a day.

You know what? He is learning to compromise in marriage! You can teach an old dog new tricks! (Don't worry about that last comment. We joke about this all the time - he was 51 when we got married and had never been married before - so learning to compromise has definitely been a process!). Love you, Greg!


melinda said...

Do they have any yarn stores there?

Jamie said...

I can't wait for you to come home!!!! I miss you!