Friday, June 22, 2007

4 Years Served - of a Life Sentence!

The title of this post comes from my friend Linda. She and her husband George say this regarding the number of years they have been married.

Greg and I celebrated our four year wedding anniversary on June 22.

I quickly went looking for some digital pics of our wedding day. You know how quickly computers get obsolete? Well I archived a bunch o' fotos onto CD's and you know what? I can't find them. I don't want to take the time to scan the "real" old fashioned photos that were actually developed from film. Some day soon I'll post of wedding photo.

What has life been like with Greg?

I always tell people that have not found their true love that I wish for them, what I have with Greg.

He's a sensitive but very male, male.

We laugh everyday. I think there was only one day when we did not laugh. We didn't laugh because we went to bed mad and didn't talk. So there was no laughing because we weren't even talking and there was a lot of sighing going on!

We say we are sorry when we need to fess up on our behaviour and when our partner needs to hear it.

We take a moment out of each day, look into each others eyes and really connect. We say "I love you" and really touch, soul to soul.

When one or the other is out of town, we have to connect at least once a day by phone. If phone is not an option, we email.

He usually plans/goes grocery shopping and makes dinner during the week. He really tries to make really yummy salads with dinner so I'll eat enough fiber! If I'm especially lazy or tired from work, he'll even do the dishes!

How does one describe what I consider a soul-mate? I can't imagine my life without him. We work so well together - we are truly a team. We support each other, we challenge each other to be better human beings. Life is better, brighter and a hell of a lot more fun with him in my life. He made my world bigger, not smaller.

We are a very huggy couple. I need Greg hugs everyday and when he's not available, Chase and Beanie come in a distant second....although when I'm mad at him, Greg comes in a distant third! :)

We've been together a total of 7 years and they have absolutely flown by.

Honestly, everyday is better than the one before. Greg is the sweetest, gentlest, most thoughtful man I know. I would vow to marry him all over again. No question.

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