Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nihon Vogue with Jean Wong

I am fortunate enough to be enrolled in year one of the Nihon Vogue knitting certification program taught by Jean Wong, sponsored by Madrona Fiber Arts.

While in Bonaire I missed the first of ten, two day weekend, sessions which will be conducted in the next year. There are 14 or 15 students enrolled in this program.

This past Sunday, I met with some fellow students so that they could help me get up to speed on what they learned in two days of intense instruction!

Here they are looking quite coy at Third Place Commons in the Lake Forest Park Towne Center! From left to right: Melinda, Scottie, Joni and Shiori.

I'm glad I had taken Tailored Japanese Knitting from Jean at Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat because she taught the pattern drafting then and that material is *somewhat* fresh in my mind. She also taught the pattern drafting over the weekend so I don't feel like I missed out too much by not being in the first session.

These photos show that the Nihon method of pattern drafting is somewhat complex! We will have to do this drafting for, all or most, of the remaining projects. I'm hoping that pattern drafting will eventually become second nature.

Project one is a round neck vest. The pattern drafting we have to do is for the vest. Project two is a top-down raglan(no pattern needed). I have done a couple top-down raglan sweaters in the past so I'm pretty familiar with the concept of that garment.

Overall I feel at ease with getting up to speed. I may write something completely different, a post full of expletives, once I actually start drafting my vest pattern!

I'll post more information as I actually start my projects! I know what I'll be busy doing this weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gnome ... from Vancouver, BC, Canada

I have just signed up with a "professional finishing course" with Jean Wong here in Richmond, BC (about 20 mins.) outside of Vancouver. Thank you for sharing your journey. This is a "mini" course of the Nihon Vogue bigger picture. I'm excited to get started and enjoyed reading about your adventure ...