Sunday, June 03, 2007

Chase is in the Hospital!!

Last night at midnight our time I got a call from my sister Trish who is caring for our "two boys", Chase and Beanie. I was in a deep sleep and when the phone rang I was fully aware that a call to us in the Carribbean in the middle of the night was not going to be good news.

The first thing she says to me is "Don't worry". I'm like, uh yeah right. Anyone that knows me knows I'm a worrier.

Chase, my/our Yorkshire Terrier, was admitted to the emergency animal hospital last night. He is currently on IV fluids/pain meds. Before we left he was a bit under the weather but we suspected the flu because he got better. Then a couple days after we got here I got an email from Trish saying he was sick but was feeling better. Trish knew that something was very wrong when she offerred him food and he walked away. Those of you that know Chase, if he walked away from food, you know something was wrong.

She called our regular vet and she suggested she wait to see how he was doing in the morning. Trish could tell he was in pain so she decided to admit him last night at the emergency animal hospital.

We talked to the doctor at the emergency hospital last night(at $4 per minute!) and she said they don't know what is wrong. He's on pain meds so he isn't in pain. They did an ultrasound and the liver was enlarged but the blood test indicated he was in normal to high normal range. She thought possibly it could be something going on with the pancreas or maybe a tumur of some sort. She was busy with some other animal emergency and she would continue testing when she was done caring for the other, more critical patient.

My baby is in the hospital and I'm thousands of miles away. I can't do anything whether I am there or here but it feels really hard being so far from home.

The particular more direct flights home only run once a week on Saturday. I'm anxiously awaiting news to see if I need to make arrangements to come home early.

It is so hard waiting, waiting, waiting.

The other logistical challenge is that while I'm checking mail, etc. I can't be in the room waiting for the call because the wireless connection is in another building. I figure she won't call until after 8am Seattle time which is 11am our time.

I just hope she has some news, some idea as to what is wrong with Chase.

I have photos of Chase on my laptop so I'll post a few now before I head back to the room. Hopefully I'll get a call soon.

This is typical Chase - looking happy, like he is smiling on my friend Jamie's lap.

Here he is relaxing with Greg.

Here he is with Beanie and Stipulation - my Schacht Matchless DT - while it was still in the box.

This challenge is really, really hard. I would appreciate any healing vibes you can send to Chase. He'll really appreciate the thoughts and prayers. He's almost 13. I can't imagine life without him. He has been with me for a large part of my adult life. He's my "baby Chase".


Gail said...

Oh Naomi I certainly hope the best for your beautiful boy. I know how much you love him! The emergency vet clinics in this area are superb---know that he's getting the very best care possible.

Bless your wise sister for getting him help instead of waiting. It's a difficult choice, and I know the heartache she went through trying to make the best decision possible.

My very best everything to Chase.

Linda "K" said...

Naomi - your sister jumped right on it Bless her and so Chase is where he can get immediate care if he gets worse. Having him be in the hospital is the very best thing while you're waiting to find out, even tho he'd much rather you where there. The cool thing about dogs is they forgive you everything instantly. Don't assume the worst - send him love messages telepathically and try to deep breathe and have some fun in the meantime.


Linda "K"

Jamie said...

Naomi, I didn't know! I will call Trish today and see if he is OK and if she wants me to take care of Beanie...I am praying for him and for you and Greg too. Don't worry too much (I know - yeah right) Trish is taking good care of him.

Rebecca said...

You've got all my good thoughts right now and until Chase gets better! Breath deeply and 'knit on, through all crisis' ~ sometimes it's all we can do until we can do something else. Hugs all 'round, Honey.

bizyhands said...

Rebecca's right, knit yourself through it. Something like that happened to us once. It's hard not to worry, but now that Jamie's on it (go girl!), I know we all feel better. Healing vibes all around!

melinda said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Chase is in the Hospital. It's so good that your sister didn't wait and took him in. I'm sure he's in good hands and will get better soon.

He's such a good pal. You're lucky to have him.