Saturday, June 02, 2007

Texas size via Argentina via Bonaire!

We ate at a place called Casablanca tonight. It is an Argentinian restaurant right on the main inland road near Kralendijk.

We ordered the Mixed Grill for TWO. This is what we got. Mind you, this is for two people, supposedly!

When we were waiting for our food to be delivered we looked over at this table that had about 6 people and they ordered this as well. We said that that must be for 6 people. Surely this could NOT be what we were going to receive? Well by god, it was.

This cute Dutch mom and daughter sitting next to us were as incredulous as we were. We offered them some of our grill but they didn't take us up on it.

Here is another view of us with our huge Texas size portions!

How could two people manage to eat all that meat? There is no way. We took the leftovers home with us to have for the next two days for lunch! We have a refrigerator and we'll go into town to get some bread to make sandwhiches. Greg's brother Mike and his wife(my good friend) Renee' have travelled with us to Bonaire, Fiji, Tahiti and South Africa. This is a meal they could sink their teeth into and we really needed them last night! There was plenty for them as well.

As is the case at most of the places we eat dinner, there are local dogs that stand outside the restaurant in full view of the patrons enjoying their meals. Now if Greg were not with me, all of those dogs would be getting some treats from Mama Naomi. Can't handle the pitiful looks of those dogs looking up at me, pleading for something to eat!

There are lots of iguana's in these parts. We got to see some climbing the trees in the afternoon and here is the "Where's Waldo?" of iguana watching.

I haven't posted any photos of the place we are staying. It is called the Plaza Resort Bonaire.

This is the walkway from the main reception building down to our room.

I leave this post with an underwater photo. I love these blue spotted flounder. Mind you as youngsters they are not flat like this. As they mature their eyes develop with their bodies to be able to be flat against the ocean floor. Isn't that amazing?

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