Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I've been Memed

Ellen tagged me!

I actually like this meme. I have found it really interesting to read what random facts people choose to write about.

My Random facts:

1). I'm one of 7 (technically should that be 7 of 7 since I'm the youngest?)

From day one, I've always been defined that I am one of 7 girls in my family(no, I have no brothers). I am the youngest of the family and rightly defined as "spoiled". I didn't have just one mother, I had 7 - my mom and my 6 older sisters.

2). I love animals!

As a child I always tried to rescue, catch, watch or bring animals home. I tried to rescue birds that tried to fly into our large living room window. The birds would be under the window on the ground either dazed, or sadly, dead. I tried to help them if they were still alive.

My parents were very good at tuning out children, especially by the seventh one. I kept trying to get a pet. I begged, pleaded and begged some more..."Can't I keep this dog?", "Can I have a hamster?", "Please, please, please, please?". I did bring home the one dog we had growing up. Big surprise, huh?

Even today I will try and rescue animals. Just recently a little bird hit one of our windows. It was on our deck, dazed. I tried to pick it up but it had just enough energy to fly up to our table on the deck. I set some peanut butter out on the table. It pecked at it and got his/her strength up and flew away. I felt so thrilled and happy!

Yes, instead of killing spiders or moths in the house - I try to catch and release them. Many of us fiber lovers would not be be so kind to the moths but I just can't kill them. The only bugs I relish killing are mosquitos.

3). I used to be a CPA (thank you for your condolences! Smile). In fact I let my license expire this year! Let's celebrate!

How did I become one? Well honestly, since I knew I had to pay for tuition and books for college, I knew I was going to need scholarships, hence the motivation to get good grades, be well rounded, so I could get help paying for school.

My mom was helping me fill out the applications and you had to define a major. Major in what? I was in high school. I hadn't thought much more than getting straight A's, cheerleading and being boy crazy. What would I DO "for the rest of my life to support myself?" I had no idea so Mom put down 'Business Administration' on the application. I got to the University of Washington and didn't know what classes to take so I took Accounting in the School of Business. I got a 4.0. I thought "This is SO easy".

That is how my career life began. Sad but true. The path of least resistance or being lazy. I don't know which. Then when I graduated my dad kept hounding me until I passed the CPA exam(can you hear "Oh DAD!" in a whiny voice?). So thanks to Dad, I did earn those 3 capital letters to put behind my name so I could sound more professional. Me professional? I know. Don't laugh.

4). I was an egg donor(fertility). Long story, way too long to explain here. I didn't do it to earn money, and no child resulted from it sadly. If you ever want to know the details, let me know. As I write that, I know no one will ask because they'll be too embarassed!

5). Related to number 4 - my sister Trish and I are bone marrow matches for each other. If she needs a bone marrow transplant she's covered and if I need one, I'm covered.

6). If Greg dies before I do, my house will be filled with dogs(and probably a lot of yarn, and roving). Let us just hope 1) this doesn't happen, and if it does happen that I don't 2) start buying sheep, llamas, etc for the backyard!

7). I absolutely love Michael Buble'. I could listen to his CD's over and over, and then over and over again. I don't know what it is about his voice. I'm so excited. While in Bonaire Michael Buble tix went on sale I and got a pair to see him at McCaw Hall in late August for my birthday! Luckily Greg likes him too. (I love him - Michael Buble' that is...athough I do love Greg too!)

Well that is it! Who should I tag next?? Don't hate me!


Rules of the meme: Each tagged person provides 7 random facts about themselves on their blog along with the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog.

For the seven people you've tagged, you need to put a note in their comments so they know they have been tagged and will read your blog for more details.

Have fun with it!

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Gail said...

This was such a sweet entry. I'm thankful for memes!