Sunday, April 29, 2007

I finished something!

Wonders never cease!

I spent a wonderful afternoon over at Michale's(blogless) house yesterday. She served me some wonderful tasty treats. I had carrot risotto, roast chicken and delicious tomato slices for lunch. Then she served up a lemon cake for dessert. All things were so delicious! Thank you Michale.

She also let me use her washing machine - top loader! Gotta love it!

I felted my Pursenalities bag. I let it go a little tiny bit too long. It is smaller than I had envisioned but it is perfect. Any of you out there that know me...when I get excited and happy - you hear it, you know it. I was one happy person yesterday afternoon!!

I let it dry overnight and I put the buttons on today.

The buttons I bought at the Beppa Button sale(only happens twice a year). They are vintage glass buttons. They look SO CUTE on this bag. The glass shimmers and picks up the shimmer in the novelty yarn I used in combination with Cascade 220.

How cute is that?

I also had to get the Pathfinder in the background! Since Greg bought his new car last November we've been meaning to sell the Pathfinder.

We finally got off our butts yesterday and put an ad in Craigs List. We sold it this morning! YES! This cute man is buying it for his daughter's college graduation gift. He was so excited. The car is in great condition and only had 29k miles. We are so happy to get it sold so easily AND so quickly.

One last thing: Angel Lace Shawl by Evelyn Clark. Evelyn is just amazing, isn't she?

I had Karen bring the pattern and the yarn (Naturally Dawn 2-ply) with her to my monthly knitting gathering at my house last weekend. Oh.....! The yarn is 50% nz wool and 50% silk. It is so soft! I started the shawl yesterday at Michale's and I'm enjoying this yarn a lot.

You should get your hands on some! I purchased mine from Karen's shop - Two Swans Yarns.

I wanted to get started because I need something to take with me to Atlanta, Georgia. I'll be leaving Friday May 4 and coming back May 11. I'm hopeful I'll be able to get this done in time for when I got to Bonaire on May 25!

Yes, I'm still working on Ruth's Kauni cardigan. I may post again this afternoon to detail my progress on it. I'm thankful to Melinda's post on the neck decreases. Thank you Melinda!

Gotta run. I need to watch some Mariner baseball this afternoon. It is a requirement!


Sandy said...

Your purple bag is too cute. Fast & fun! I just love that about that bag! Let me tell you that when you put thing in it, it does grow. Somedays when my hand is searching the bottom of my purse for my phone or keys, I swear it belongs to Mary Poppins.

Have fun on all of your May travels!

Rebecca said...

Cute buttons on your bag! Cute bag! Knitting on your shawl on the beach should be about perfect. My offer to keep you company is still open...

Karen said...

Your bag turned out darling! See, there was nothin' to worry about.... I'm glad you are enjoying the shawl project; Evelyn's patterns are so knittable!