Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Off to Portland!

I want to post an update of my progress on Ruth's cardigan with the Kauni yarn as well a show off my super cute stitch markers before I leave for Portland in the morning! I've been a busy girl this week and have not had much time with the needles.

Work was a complete bear today. That is a nice, calm, diplomatic way to describe the situation.

What is a girl to do when the dba on her project does not put the Oracle database on a supported version after asking her to verify supported versions before creating the thing? First she has a REALLY bad day and then her good friend and co-project slave, Jamie tells her to, "go to your happy yarn place".

Ok. Good thing I'm going to Portland for the weekend via the train with my friend Sandy for a yarn crawl and weekend of relaxation starting tomorrow morning!

Deep Breath. Everything will be ok!

Here are some photo updates:

Ruth's Kauni Cardigan - past the beginning of the armhole steeks. More interesting color combinations. See this post of Melinda's which she calculates the various color combos with this yarn. Isn't Melinda smart?

I, too, have found that the thickness of the yarn can vary. Right now the purple has become pretty thin compared to the yello/orange it is paired with.

Isn't this fun?

Next is my smorgasbord of super fun and adorable stitch markers made by the good to be girl, Amy. Don't you just love these? I first started out with the donuts with sprinkles and then expanded my collection. I mostly began with food related ones then thought I should become a more well-rounded individual. That is when I decided on the other ones. :)

One more photo of my most adorable Giant Yorkie(12 pounder) Chase. I was worried about him because his last battery of blood work/urine tests indicated some of his kidney/liver markers were elevated. I freaked out. I'm always telling him that nothing can happen to him. Seems reasonable that he'll listen to me and live forever.

Then he had an infected tooth removed and I had his labs re-done. They came out in the normal range! YES! I'm so relieved! He will be 13 years old this year!

One last item to mention. I just got confirmation that I am enrolled in the Nihon Vogue Certificate program with Jean Wong. Madrona Fiber Arts is sponsoring this unique opportunity. It is the first year of the "Standard Course" and it will require 100 hours of instructional time in the coming year. It will begin in early June. In the next year I will create 8 garments of differing sweater types. I will learn "specific technical details and methodology in the Japanese way and using standards set forth by the Nihon Amimono Culture Association."

Unfortunately I am going to miss the very first session! I will be in Bonaire on vacation! Thankfully Melinda and Karen have offered to help me get up to speed! Thanks guys! I really, really appreciate it!

I have a very strong premonition that I will not have much time for projects other than the ones I'll be doing for the course in the coming year. I'll also be working many hours at work. I think I'll only have time for work and knitting.

That sounds ok. As long as I can watch Mariner baseball when I knit! Let's hope for a successful year this season!

On the Seattle Mariner front, Felix, you did an awesome pitching job against Boston tonight!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll post if I can from Portland. I am looking forward to the stitch and sip tomorrow night at Knit Purl! What a great idea!


kneek said...

This sounds like a fantastic learning opportunity. I'd like to more about it, but not because I have time for it myself, but I've not heard of the program.

The cardigan is gorgeous; I covet it. You are creating a thing of beauty.

Enjoy your time in Portland!

margaret said...

the cardi's looking great, and I LOVE those cute stitch markers!

I have a question: is your corrugated ribbing curling (as is mine), or did you do another kind of ribbing?

have a great time in Portland...

tmk said...

Naomi: After seeing you rip that sweater down at the last Ferals (which caused me great discomfort), I feel much better now since it has grown to three times it's original size. That is a very cool pattern.

Wasn't that game great last night? The media was so focused on Ichiro and Dice-K they totally missed the Felix vs. Dice-K angle.

Are you going to be at Village Yarns tonight? If not, have a great time in Portland.


Joanne said...

I'm so envious about your Jean Wong course. I wrote to Suzanne and asked if it could be done via correspondence, but sadly it can't. I hope that you'll post often about it so that I can enjoy it vicariously through you.

I'm going to cast on my Kauni this weekend. I can't resist any longer. Yours looks wonderful!

Denise said...

The cardigan is moving right along. What a great pattern and the colors are gorgeous! It's hard to watch both you and Melinda knitting it and not be tempted.

A friend of mine is in her second year of the Nihon Vogue program. It's an impressive program and an incredible learning opportunity. I look forward to your reports on it.

ps - we'll have to talk shop at the next yarn coop get-together.