Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anybody out there Knit with Euroflax?

I am curious about knitting with Louet Euroflax. Anybody out there knit with it?

I'd love some feedback.

I REALLY want to knit a sweater called "Memories of Ukraine" from The Natural Knitter book.


maryalice said...

Euroflax (to me) was a bit stiff at first, but I soon got used to the 'hand'. Somehow not as hard on my hands to work with as a cotton (e.g. Cotton Classic). I did the "Birch" shawl with it, used about 2 1/2 sk. The Euroflax washes and drys beautifully! I cavalierly tossed my shawl in washing machine then into the dyer - fingers crossed, eyes squeezed shut; but it came out great and perhaps better looking than pre-wash. It bloomed and filled out.

Would surely knit with it again.

CommuKniTea Blog said...

Hard at first but you get use to it and it gets SOOOO much softer when you wash it.


Anonymous said...

I'm making the Print of the Wave shawl in black and it's coming along really well. I enjoy knitting with the yarn much more than cotton. I can't wait to wash it and see how it looks.

Take care,


Angela said...

It's very stiff, but not difficult to knit with. Once you wash and dry it (in the dryer) it will be much softer.

If you find it hard on your hands, you might be able to throw the skeins in your dryer - about 6 figure-eight ties should be enough to keep the skein together.

(You've got me blogging again!)

Rebecca said...

It IS stiff to knit with so maybe try washing it before knitting. It comes in hanks anyway, so just tie it off in a couple more places, wash it, dry it and cake it up and wa-ha. Softer linen to knit with.