Saturday, April 28, 2007


You know what falling in love is like?

First you become interested, then you are intrigued and curious that you want to know more. Then once you know a bit more, you might experience some giddiness, become a bit excited.

Next you talk to your friends about it. You process over what you are thinking, what you might be feeling. You ask for feedback, get opinions.

This is where it leads:

Yes, Greg bought me the Schacht Matchless Double Treadle for an anniversary/birthday gift. I love this baby. I mean the wheel...but I love Greg too! Hi honey!

She spins so smoothly, and she is a sight. I just had to take some photos of the wood details. So beautiful.

I responded to TMK's email when she asked if my wheel had arrived and I told her that yes,my wheel had arrived and "I love her and I barely know her!" :)

I just want to spend more and more time with her!

Kind of sounds like falling in love, doesn't it?!


Sandy said...

Your new wheel is beeeeeeeutimous!!! Make sure you find a prominent place in the living room so ir knows it is well loved and part of the family ; )

Melinda said...

Congratulations. Love the photo with Beenie (sp?) in the background.

bizyhands said...

Gorgeous wheel! The fiber affair continues...