Friday, April 13, 2007

Trojan Sock, Ribbed for her Pleasure

I'm in Portland.

The train was 2 hours late - mechanical problems. I didn't think about that happening on the seems to delay quite a few flights but since I don't take the train very often, I was somewhat surprised that a train can have mechanical delay's (Duh, Naomi).

While doing all this waiting I worked on my Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Club sock - "Inside Out" in the Monsoon colorway. I had started this project and totally frogged about a month ago. I hadn't picked this back up because I wasn't happy with what was happening to the sock.

I looked at other clubbers results on the Rockin' Sock Club website and got more motivation. Ellen finished her socks I got to see them in-person. Plusthe next installment will be sent soon so I thought I better get caught up. Since socks are the perfect travelling project, I forged ahead.
That is when Sandy and her daughter came up with the title for this post. A photo is worth a thousand words....

I was beginning to get embarassed to work on this in public! People probably thought "what in the world?". It was the topic of joking last night while we knitted away and drank champagne at Knit Purl. Here are some photos of the evening.

This evening was a big success - lots of knitters! I think a shop in Seattle should start this kind of thing. The champagne loosens knitters up for buying! I bought a kit - for a sweater in Poetry in Stitches. The kit is for the sweater on the cover of the book. I was hemming and hawing because when will I have time to knit this in the coming year? I won't. But I'll have time at some point, right? Plus its tax free shopping!

One last thing. This is a thing of beauty. Ruby Red Martini. This thing was THE BEST! We had dinner at Mother's Bistro and Bar. If you are in Portland and want comfort food, this is the place to go!

More yarn store crawling today and more great food to come! I'll try and post again before I head back home.


Jamie said...

Hey! No having fun without me! Oh well I guess I will not be too jealous! Have fun!

bizyhands said...

Now why didn't I think of that: champagne and knitting? A few sips and your stitches all look MAAAAHVELOUS! Ruby Red Martini, eh? Only 7:00am and you got me thinking about drinks! Have one for me, and crawl on!

TMK said...

Naomi: Please send me an email so I have your email address. I have something to send you. Thanks! TMK