Friday, April 06, 2007

Fiber-ous Affair

My husband said to me recently...."If I didn't know you better, I would think you were having an affair!". I told him I was having a "fiber-ous affair"!

I've been going to classes, going to knitting gatherings and they all take time away from the homestead!

We share a very together type life, but we are both very independant as well. Basically it is the perfect relationship! We just celebrated on April 1st, the 7th anniversary of the day we met. Yes we met on April Fools day. We became fools in love and that continues, ever more deeply every year.

Now on to the "good stuff". My fiber-ous affair!

Kauni , Abalone, Domino and Spinning Updates:

Kauni Effekt yarn is really HOT. Here is my progress on Ruth's Kauni Cardigan:

Like Melinda, in this post, I am getting the orange and light blue combination. I like it. When you see it in-person it just adds a different dimension to the sweater.

This is a fast knit. I am almost up to doing the armhole steeks. This is a very easy patten to memorize. For knitters new to fair isle, this is a great first project to attempt.

Now a note on getting the yarn. I just ordered last week from

Lisette is working on getting things translated to English and they do ship to the USA. I gathered an order together for 5 people for Ruth's kit. With five people paying for shipping, it is very reasonable. Small note which probably won't make a difference on whether you order or have to pay the 3.5% paypal fee. Not a big deal but just so you know. Lisette will ship DHL. She sent out our order on Monday this week and I'll keep you updated on when it arrives.

Abalone: I hate picking up stitches. Rebecca showed me another way to pick up stitches. I really like it. I picked up for the first sleeve. It feels good to make some progress on this.

Last Saturday I took a Domino Scarf class with Susanna at Main Street Yarns in Mill Creek. I had never been to this shop before. The shop has some wonderful yarns. The shop is very bright with natural light.

The class was fun and informative. I've taken classes with Susanna before. I would love to take her bohus class. A couple years ago I did knit a bohus hat. A sweater would be so cozy!

Back to the domino are some photos from the class:

I am using Alice's design for what she calls the 'DNA scarf' (see below). It is actually this design that got me inspired to take this class. I'd had Vivian's book Domino Knitting for some time but I learn better in a classroom setting than doing it on my own. Plus I like the connection between other knitters and learning from other students' questions.

Here is the beginning of my DNA scarf:

What else have I been up to? A bit of spinning. Here is some silk/merino fiber spun up.

At the last Ferals meeting I was talking to TMK and Janine as they were spinning away on their Schacht Matchless wheels. They are absolutely gorgeous(I meant the wheels but so are TMK and Janine). I know. I just started spinning a few months ago(I'm a quick study).

They both offered to let me try out their wheels. I was like "NO!". I had such a strong, immediate reaction because I didn't want to be tempted to get a new wheel already. The only thing about my Louet Victoria is that with this fiber, I need the wheel to spin faster because of the short fibers and because I want to go faster! So...."Little Vicki" starts making more noise. I need to dedicate more time with "Little Vicki" and get more acquainted with her.

Today is luscious. It is supposed to be 75 degrees in Seattle today. I can take "Little Vicki" out on the deck and get to know her better!

I guess I am having an affair of sorts!

Happy Friday!


peggyspins said...

What a great blog post!! Lots of information, lots of pictures, and you do such interesting projects, too. Thanks for the ideas that are now gyrating around in my head. ;}

Joanne said...

I love the way your Kauni is turning out. I may start mine this weekened.

margaret said...

the Kauni is wonderful AND fast - I'm already on my first sleeve!

how great that Lisette finally broke down and is allowing mail orders - I would much rather have bought my Kauni effektgarn from her.

keep up the great work,

Anonymous said...

ps I guess I screwed up my url - it is www dot msmhanhattanmarg dot typepad dot com if anyone wants to see my Kauni cardi progress.

happy Bunny day,

bizyhands said...

Whoa, Naomi! Lots of projects, and all beautiful. Your sweaters and spinning are a treat for the eyes! Wish I lived closer. Yes, an affair is a good way to describe it. You have a great starter wheel, but don't be afraid to try others. That's where I'll be this weekend: spinning. Enjoy your affair!

melinda said...

Oh, I'm such a whimp. I started again and ripped out again. I've got to get over about how the colors come together. Your's is looking great.

Just got Anne-Evilla today!

Rebecca said...

I love all your knitting. I want to be you when I grow up.

TMK said...

Damn, girl! Your spinning looks good!