Monday, April 23, 2007


Tonight I finished the bag in the Pursenalities book. Normally completing something would bring feelings of accomplishment and joy into my being. Instead I'm feeling whiny and down right cranky!

I cannot felt this thing. We own a front loading washing machine. Newer front loaders can be stopped mid cycle so felters do not have to experience this let down! I, on the otherhand, must patiently wait to see the final, finished product.

First I must find someone willing to let me come over and use their machine. Second I have to find a time that works for both of us. I would call a sister and say 'I MUST COME OVER TO FELT MY BAG!'. They would not, of course, "get" the urgency of this. They are not knitters. They do not know what it is like to have a bag, ready to felt and unable to felt it. In addition I have a commitment tomorrow night so the EARLIEST I could felt this is Wednesday night! That is two nights away!

I went downstairs to whine and get sympathy from Greg. Of course he would not understand. What husband would understand this frustration?? All he really said is we need to find a notary public so we can sign some documents. Nice! Love you, too babe!

Here is a photo of my bag. I must admit before I felt this....I'm not happy with the pre-condition. I thought this fuzzy yarn would be more fuzzy, more noticeable. Despite all that, my bag is begging to become the bag it is meant to be. She, too, will have to wait patiently. Maybe I need to get a second washing machine and put it in the garage for my felting projects. Ok. No. I have gone insane.

Other knitters out there, please tell me I am not going insane, that you understand this felting urgency!


Sandy said...

Naomi, take a deep breath, sit down, relax ... are you calm??? Can I tell you a secret???? I have felted 3 of these bags all with great success ... all in my front loader. I put it in a large garment bag & throw in a pair of jeans with them. Then I set the machine on the hottest, highest setting. It usually takes me two or three washings to get it tight enough. My experience with this bag is felt it til it won't felt anymore. It makes it very dense and sturdy. When it is felted all the way I shape it, stuff a towel in it and then let it thoroughly air dry. Viola' Perfection!!!! So take a deep breath and felt away with confidence. If you need moral support, call me ; )

Deb said...

Naomi, it's Deb from knit class! I have a front loader and like Sandy, I just toss the item(s) into an old pillow case and tie it shut, add a towel or pair of jeans, and....three tennis balls! (These are now my felting balls!) Works like a dream. The first few times I felted (before I learned about the tennis balls), I had to go through numerous cycles but now it just takes 1 or 2 cycles.

Naomi said...

I may try felting it tonight when I get home(late). I think the tennis balls may really help. I was worried about the spin cycle putting in creases that are hard to get out. I've had that problem before and this Miele really spins hard!

Deb you'll get to see in on Thursday.

Thanks for the support guys!

kneek said...

You can always use the washing machine at our house. Call anytime, any hour (almost). I'll even wash it for you during the day while you are at work! The urgency to felt things immediately has kept me up many, many late hours. It is excruciating to have it finished, but not felted.

I think the creasing concern is valid; once those creases set in, there is little you can do to get them out.

As for fuzziness, I've found some of my yarns bloom to a shocking degree when they are felted. When they were knit, I didn't notice the hair, but in the felted state they were positively electric.

Angela said...

Oooohh - I made one of those bubble bags and it comes out beautifully. I hope you get to felt it soon.

Nice to see you on Sunday!

Rebecca said...

I suggest stuffing the purse with something (a ball the right size or another pillow case with other pillow cases inside it to make it the right size) and using cotton yarn to stitch your purse closed before felting in a front loader. This way you may avoid a crease...

elise said...

Oh Naomi! Up until Tuesday you could have come east to use my machine. But, now we just bought a front loader and so I am glad to read the responses here as I have never felted anything, but have looked covetously at your bag. I can't wait to see the finished product and get your thoughts. I may have to try this myself!