Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bobbins Galore!

Today the google fair isle coop got together to do the final(almost anyway!) organization and distribution of the Jamieson, Jamieson and Smith bobbins. It was very satisfying to see all the work pay off. Leah and Gail B(blogless) did a TON of legwork to make this all happen.

Thank you Leah and Gail!!!!!

Here are some photos of some of the group working hard at the Greenwood Library.

Karen and Leah organizing some of the Jamieson and Smith. Some of the Jamieson and Smith all line up looking so organized and pretty!

Look! Here are everyone's packages!Here are my Jamieson, Jamieson and Smith bobbins. Man that is a lot of colors! (One shot I took with the flash, the other without - too lazy right now to re-take the photos).

One last photo. Sandy inspired me to make a felted bag out othe Pursenalities book. It is the one at the bottom left on the cover of the book. This next photo is pretty lame. The color is not even close but you get the idea. I only have about a 1/2 hour left to work on this before I'm ready to felt it! I just wish I had a top loader. We have a damn Miele and you can't open the thing mid I either have to go to the laundromat or find a friend or sister that I can bug.

This is a very quick knit!

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