Saturday, May 05, 2007


I'm here, in Atlanta, or Hotlanta as a lot of people call it.

Atlanta definitely has a different "feel". Yesterday it only got up to 73 degrees but it felt warmer. I have a challenge with preparing to come to a place like this. Its very warm outside but I come inside and I freeze. Most places the air is turned on just too damn high. HOT, c-c-cold, HOT, c-c-cold, HOT, c-c-cold.

The plane ride was uneventful. Same old, same old.

I did get a cool picture of Mt.Rainier though.

We are staying at the Westin Buckhead. Very nice rooms! I can live here for the next week.

I worked on the Angel Lace Shawl on the plane:

And here is the Mermaid Wrap designed by Ellen(who needs to update her blog!). You can get the pattern with a purchase of Hand Maiden Sea Silk at Village Yarn and Tea.

I purchased a big skein of Sea Silk in a very light green called Peridot at village but I decided to use a skein of Sea Silk that I had in my stash. I wanted to save the peridot I bought at Village for something else. Something that requires more yardage.

I miss my boys already! Greg said that Chase and Beanie were waiting for me at the top of the stairs all night last night. They'll have a long time to wait until Mama gets home!

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margaret said...

Hi Naomi, your projects look great - do you actually have to be there for a whole week? I left the south many many years ago because I couldn't take the heat+humidity -

hope you enjoy it,