Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Maui Ramblings

First off, a big round of applause and Thank You to Melinda.

She saved my bacon(which is getting bigger and bigger here - such yummy food!) For one, she transcribed Jean's DVD for the 2X2 invisible cast-on for me. Then she also realized/researched/told me that on Jean's website, that one of Jean's DVD samples is on the 2X2 invisible cast-on! Thank goodness! I've been saved!

Go HERE and you can sample Jean's DVD as well. As I said in my last post, I would highly recommend this DVD!

Yesterday we headed up to Lahaina for lunch. Greg wanted to eat at a place with a view so we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. We sat at a table that was open to the street and had a view of the water. It was very pleasant. Here is a not so good photo from our table.

Here is a photo Greg took...

Honestly I was not fond of Lahaina. It is too tourist-y for my taste. I don't know what I expected.

We walked up Front Street. I HAD to go into the CROC's store(the only store I ventured into). Admittedly I *used* to think Croc's were ugly. Then I got a pair and became a convert. They are SO comfortable! Now I own several colors/styles.

Here I am in the Croc store, looking like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar:

Greg and I got in a little tiff ("How many of these do you need?" he asks. It is kind of like asking "how much yarn do you need?". This did not go over very well with me as you can imagine! He should know better than to say that to me!) He should be careful. Why? We went into the Louis Vuitton store at the Wailea shops a couple days ago. I threated him yesterday as we were walking up Front Street that today while he was off diving I was going to buy this cute new LV style I had my eye on for a retirement gift from him to me!

Which collection of things would he prefer I add to? Croc's or Louis Vuitton?

Back to the Croc's. I just thought this style was so cute. If you aren't a Croc's fan you won't be able to relate to why I thought these were cute. I'm really a granola/earthy type deep down. Really I am - my sister's always laugh at this. I know...Naomi wearing her Croc's carrying her Louis Vuitton's. Ok, I'm only part earthy.

I stormed down Front Street, totally forgetting to check out the knit shop that I told Joni about. She went there and I didn't. Go check out her blog and read about her yarn. Funny story!

It didn't take us long to be done with walking around Lahaina. We got Shave Ice(like a snow cone but much better!) on the way to the car to head back "home".

On Maui we are staying at a Bed and Breakfast called the Two Mermaids.
Their site does not do the place justice. We are in the poolside suite. Last time Greg was here he stayed in this same room/place but it was just the studio. This time he booked the full suite so we have a full separate bedroom and the studio, combined.

I love it here because it feels like we are just visiting relatives. We are away from the commercialized Hawaii, which is what I prefer.

Here is our view from our chaise lounges. It is so nice to go out our door and lay in the sun/shade, reading.

Here is the entrance to our home away from home. You can see Greg going in at left.

This morning we were up at 4:30 am. Both of us couldn't sleep. We would have to get up at 5am anyway.

Our daily routine is to head over to Piilani Village Shopping Center...

to get our morning Coffee.

Greg has already made acquantances with another man he sees at 5:20 am. Today I met an adorable and friendly dog that let me pet him all I wanted. Made me really miss my boys.

I had to call my sister right then and there to get the latest on Chase and Beanie. (Don't worry-5:20 our time was 8:20 Seattle time) As usual she describes Chase as a character, and Beanie as such a cutie. She also relates how easy they are to take care of. Yep. Sounds about right.

I drop Greg off at the boat at 6am and head back *home* which is less than 5 minutes from the boat launch.

Well enough for now. I'm off to do may daily routine. Sit out at the pool in the afternoon and just read and nap! I'm starting to look more like a local rather than a Haole.

Oh. Funny quick story. Last night we did take out because I didn't want to get dressed up to go out. So we are waiting at the Hawaiian take out place. There were some locals in front of us and when they packaged up their order they asked if they wanted "Shoyu". I grew up calling soy sauce Shoyu.

When our order is ready they ask "do you want soy sauce?". It must have been Greg that made them think we were Haole! :)

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