Wednesday, April 09, 2008

26 Days

I'm feeling especially good today. Monday, we discovered there was a problem with a process in the budget system. I had to do a re-design and re-coding of a somewhat complex process for the production budget system because it needs to run very soon in production and I believe I solved the problem today. Coded, tested and ready to migrate to the user acceptance testing environment in the morning.

I felt triumphant leaving the office today.

This morning I received a very annoying email from someone that breathes purified air(how we describe the folks in charge) so I took a few minutes to look at the calendar and count the actual number of WORK days left before I leave, retire, look freedom in the eye.



PICAdrienne said...

Purified air, or rarified air, and the oxygen level is a bit too low?

Joni said...

Can't wait to see you this weekend at Nihon! And also sit poolside and knit with you while the guys are out exploring lava formations somewhere on the island. I love your blog - it always makes me smile. Joni