Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An Anniversary of Sorts and Sundara's Season's Club is Open

I just got an email from Sundara that the next round of her "Season's" Yarn Club is now open.

Go HERE if you want to join the color fun!

If you sign up, let me know what season you signed up for!

Greg and I have an Anniversary of sorts today.

I met the most wonderful man in the world on this day 8 years ago.

He is my absolute soul mate. I have never had someone outside my birth family love me as much as he does. He has taught me how a man should love and treat a woman.

He spoils me. He will go to doctor appointments with me if I am too scared to go by myself, he comforts me when I can't sleep, he makes me dinner and does the grocery shopping, he loves and cares for *my* boys like I do, he is thoughtful, loving, an absolute hugging monster like I am.

We laugh everyday. We can always find something to laugh about(in fact laughing everyday was in our marriage vows). We laugh about how giddy in love we can be, we laugh because we can both be silly and kid-like.

He has never shown resentment, he does not anger easily, he loves my family and friends like I do. He even sweeps, mops, cleans the bathroom and does laundry if I don't get to it first!

Every morning he makes me my cappuccino and brings it to me as I get ready for work. If it is the weekend, he still makes my coffee and brings it to wherever I am in the house.

I send his parents thank-you notes for raising such a giving, caring, loving, gentle and thoughtful man. I love him so very much and I reflect today, giving thanks to my God for bring us together.

April Fools Day always has special meaning to me because it is the day I met the man that is perfect for me. In all my prayers and thoughts about the perfect man when I was single, I never imagined love could be this comfortable, this fun and this fulfilling.

I love you Greg. I never want to ever be without you.


Arctic Knitter said...

Yeah for You and Greg! Isn't it fabulous when you find the one you were meant to be with? Congratulations!

miyamojo said...

Yes, I agree, it's a miracle to find that perfect someone! :)
I'm thankful too, and still can't believe DH and I ended up together.

I'm using 8-0013F - matte s/l dk amethyst beads. I reserve the right to change my mind... they might be too dark and I'm not sure I like the 'matte'. :)

Gail, who uses "b" words said...

Well my goodness, it seems to me that quality attracts. 'Nuff said.

elise h. said...

What a beautiful love letter! I was nearly in tears when reading. This is what love is about and isn't Greg lucky to have you in his life too! My husband and I have known each other nearly 30 years, and have been married for almost 19 of them. Every day we find something to laugh about...and that...as you so eloquently noted too..is the key to happiness. All the best to you and Greg and happy anniversary! P.s. I joined the Sundara sock club first thing this morning and chose the summer colors, but I was quite torn as they were all so beautiful!