Monday, April 28, 2008

Miss Dem Boyz

You all know I am just *slightly* attached to my boys. I have been away from them for 11 days now.

Here are some photos I had on my phone.

My sister Trish is taking good care of them. I call her just about every third day to find out how they are doing. I would call her everyday but I'm sure she would get sick of me calling just to see if they are doing ok.

She did tell me her son Connor had some friends over one night for a pizza dinner and Chase was wrestling with some kid for a piece of pizza. The kid yelled out to Trish "Chase is attacking me". Imagine seeing Chase, a 10 pound Yorkie(yes, he is a giant Yorkie), duking it out with some 80-90 pound kid? Trish said Chase got a good couple bites out of the pizza before she could get it from him. No wonder he likes staying with Auntie Trish!

The only stories I get about Beanie are that he is so easy and he just loves to sit and cuddle on the couch. Maltese were bred for that and he is true to his breed.

One downside of our travels is being away from "the boys". Even Greg admits he is missing them. He mentioned we needed to find a place where we could take them and stay for a few months(we could do this in Bonaire - one of Greg's favorite diving places. He has friends that have a house there and they always bring their dog)!

I never thought I would ever hear him say such a thing because initially he didn't want to meet me because I had two dogs.

Those boys have a way of worming their way into a person's heart. They sure have worked their magic on Greg. Boy am I glad they did!

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YarnSnob said...

aawwww the boys are adorable, I know when you go away you miss them terribly, I was the same. calling almost everyday to ask about Holly !! You'll be home soon.