Monday, April 21, 2008

Jean, Help!

Yesterday morning I got intent and serious about doing homework. I was all set to frog back my V-Neck Pullover. After talking with my fellow Nihon student Sarah, she had me convinced I could just undo the provisional cast-on and frog up and undo the front, back and sleeves to my preferred length.

No. This doesn't work. You have to cut. Which took me much longer than I had anticipated. {WHINE}

I go to start my invisible Cast-On so that I can do the ribbing and eventually sew it on to the body. I thought I had written instructions on how to do the 2X2 invisible cast-on. This is why I DID NOT bring my Knitting with Jean DVD. NO, I DO NOT HAVE THE WRITTEN NOTES EITHER. So I cannot finish the project. I brought it all the way to Hawaii and...I have the pieces but cannot completely finish this. {BIGGER, LOUDER WHINE. ALMOST A SCREAM}

I love Jean's DVD. If you don't own this, I would highly recommend it. Maybe I could get Jean to overnight me a new copy(not really, Jean). Actually I'm hoping Joni brought hers! Maybe I could borrow hers for a night and watch/take notes.

I worked a little bit on my homework last night. I was working on finishing up a sleeve for the Crewneck Cardigan.

We have been tooling around the island a bit. It is so beautiful. Many of the South Pacific islands Greg and I have traveled to are much less populated and very much less developed. This feels like being at home. You don't need a passport, you don't need foreign currency and you don't need to take multiple flights. I'm liking Hawaii.

Most of you probably don't know this but my dad was born and raised on Oahu. His siblings still live there. I don't know my cousins from that side of the family very well at all. I feel connected to the Hawaiian islands but I have always chosen to travel to further, more foreign destinations. That may change now. I love that it is only a 6 hour flight. That is nice!

I would post photos but I haven't taken many. The ones Greg has taken of me are mostly food related. You would think all I am doing here is eating!

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. Lots of sun! I saw the amazing Lava Fields(too lazy to load the photos). I promise photos soon.

I hit a milestone on this trip. The first full day I was here, I felt relaxed. I don't know how to convey it. I felt an inner relaxation that I have not felt in about 2 years, honestly. I told Greg and he could see it.

The last big trip we took was about a year ago to Bonaire. I thought I would get that relaxed feeling then but I had the skin cancer scare and Chase was admitted to the hospital while we were gone-I was pretty stressed out. I just haven't had any down-time. The work project I was on has been a big stress. It is so nice to feel that peace and relaxation again.

Fast forward to last night. I had this stress dream. After not having what I need to finish one of my Nihon projects I started stressing out about getting all my course work done!

I had a crochet stress dream. You know I don't crochet and yet I have to complete a Nihon Vogue crocheted garment.

I dreamt I was at this bookstore and I was perusing all these really cool vintage crochet books. I had my eye on a couple of them thinking, "I could use these for my class project". Then I was thumbing through one and went to go pick out the other ones and the whole bookshelf was GONE. I was thinking "where did that whole bookshelf go? That can.not be! A whole bookshelf gone?". I looked around and was just confounded. Inthe dream I was stressed out, thinking "those books would help me do my homework! What will I do now?". I looked around the bookstore and could not find that one bookshelf.

Maybe I am getting anxious about the crochet project?


Purlwise said...

I can help - don't worry but I wouldn't be surprise if Joni didn't bring the DVD. Also, I wonder if Shane has the instructions in his notes.

TMK said...

Aren't those lava fields cool? I know exactly what you mean about feeling totally relaxed. That's how I felt from the time we got outside at the airport until it was time to come home. Maui is a real awesome place to hang! I had little pang yesterday seeing you sitting at what I'm pretty sure is the same Starbucks we went to on a regular basis. ;-)

YarnSnob said...

Hawaii at last!!!! Hurrah! Greg has finally taken you on a trip there :)
Can't help you but you'll find something to occupy yourself. Safe journey home :)

bizyhands said...

Good for you, Naomi! Continue unwinding. Remember: you are studying for retirement now. Lucky girl. Enjoy!

Purlwise said...

Hey, that video (2x2 cast on) is on her website.

Lucky for you!