Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It is true. I AM spoiled

I didn't post about it earlier. I'm somewhat embarassed.

It is true. I admit it. I am spoiled.

Greg bought me a new Louis Vuitton while we were on Maui. It is his gift to me to celebrate my retirement(as if getting to retire wasn't enough!).

He really liked this new style that just came out - Galliera PM.

Greg is really a thoughtful husband. After I chose which bag I wanted he was nice enough to ask if there was anything else I wanted!

A Happy Wife is a Happy Life. :)

We have our 5 year anniversary coming up in June. I told him that since we both got such a late start in life, marriage-wise, that for every year we are married it really counts as two. I think you earn it too because the longer it takes for a person to get married for the first time, the harder it is to learn to compromise...hence the credit for two years for every year of marriage. Sounds reasonable, no?

That really is just ego justification logic for better anniversary gifts. HA!

Actually this bag is a retirement, anniversary, birthday gift! See I can be reasonable! :)

On a completely different note:

I DID get to see a turtle today! It was absolutely thrilling. She was just swimming around and she let me swim alongside her. Then after following her for awhile, so close I could almost touch her, she came to to surface for air. I could see her open her mouth and get some air, saw a few bubbles in the water as she went back under and followed her for a bit more before the surge took me too close to the rocks. Oh it was so cool!

I am glad Greg got some video of it. I am going back there tomorrow!

I hope this is a good omen for seeing the Manta's tonight! We went into the dive shop this past Saturday to sign up for the Manta trip and the night before the Manta's did not show up. Now that would be very disappointing!

Wish us luck!


amy said...

i have to admit i stopped reading everything after the part about you buying the bag. omg. you know i am SO jealous ;)

ellen and i KNEW you were going to end up with that bag! can't wait to see it in person.

enjoy the sunshine, we still have not really made it to spring here, one or two sunny days is all. ugh!

we miss you on thursdays! enjoy the rest of your trip and see you when you get back (posted bag sale details on blog - fyi).

Denise said...

The bag is nice but it's your upcoming retirement that I'm really jealous of! :-)

Seriously, you've earned it and I'm happy for you (I just wish I could join you!).

Thanks for the great Maui posts. I love Maui and seeing your vacation photos has been a real treat!

Joni said...

I wouldn't say "spoiled", I would say well LOVED. That bag would never have found an owner as good as you will be. smile. I enjoyed hearing about the rest of your vacation in Hawaii. and look forward to seeing you in two weeks at Nihon! :) Joni

Sarah said...

I'm with Amy - I totally zoned out after I saw the bag. It's GORGEOUS!!! You totally earned that bag. That Greg is one snazzy husband!hn