Saturday, April 19, 2008

Getting Used to my New Job

Here I am getting used to my new "job". I'm looking at this two week trip like intensive training for my next job.....relaxation!!!! Hee hee.

I have been a heavy caffeine addict lately(work stress combined with not sleeping = extra caffeine consumption). I woke up with a headache.

The bed and breakfast we are staying at provides us the most yummy fruit platter delivered to our door every morning. We chowed down on that and quickly ran out for my caffeine fix. This is me this morning enjoying my much needed Starbucks. (Don't look too closely on what I am isn't homework. It is my BMFA sock club socks!) Also don't look at my pasty looking skin! That will surely change of the course of the next couple weeks!

We just arrived last night on Maui. The weather a welcome change from Seattle! I just looked at the weather report for Seattle and it got down to 34 last night at home. Almost hit the record. BBBBRRRRRRRRR

I must report that 1/2 of my luggage space was taken up by my Nihon homework stuff. There were pieces of projects, yarn, tools, and my very voluminous notes.

I am planning on meeting up with Joni this week. She is a fellow Nihon Vogue student. She arrives tomorrow.

Greg and I are off now to venture about the island. More of Maui(and homework progress, hopefully) soon.


Jamie said...

You look so happy! OK it snowed here last night. I am ready to book a flight to the Islands myself.

Gail said...

Not only snowed...snow thunder, my street iced over, 3.5" snowfall in Shoreline on Friday, 6" in Everett. And it snowed today. We're not kidding you! SO glad you're getting a well-deserved vacation filled with warmth and rest and light.

It's my turn next---leave the light on for me, will you? I'm following Jamie's lead.

Rebecca said...

Hee hee! I look at your 04/19 photo and my 04/19 photo and need not point out that it is obvious why people head for Maui in the spring. You picked the right week to get out of Dodge. Have FUN!

crookedneedles said...

You look like you don't need much practice on that relaxation technique - I think you have it down. If you had been photographed with homework, I might think differently! Keep having a wonderful time!