Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sightseeing in Atlanta

A nice way to start the day is to do a spa treatment. Especially if you are going to be doing a lot of walking. So Jamie and I started our day with a pedicure at Dass Salon and Spa. That was nice...sort of. I wasn't happy with the end result but that is ok. This happens. It doesn't happen very often but it does. The polish job was not up to par but...that is ok. There is grace in the universe.

Then we decided to head out and catch the MARTA to get to Centennial Olympic Park. Here is Jamie making sure we are going to get on the right train.

Here is a photo as we wait for the train - exciting stuff!

Our primary goal was to get to Centennial Olympic Park becuase they were having "Fiesta Atlanta" which was celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Latino culture. Here is one entrance to the festival:

Some of the many booths:

It was quite warm out so all the kids(and some adults) were playing in the fountains to cool off. Very similar to the fountain at the Seattle Center.

We enjoyed some good food and great music. When it got a bit hot out we decided to head back to catch the Marta back to Buckhead - the area of Atlanta that we are staying.

We got sidetracked and decided to go into the CNN center.

It is cool in there! Ok, it is not just the air-conditioning! We even ran into Anderson Cooper!

He is larger than life!

It was a fun day today. I enjoyed it immensely. We fit a lot into our day. It was a good mixture of walking and relaxation. The MARTA is very convenient and easy to use!

It felt good to get out and get some walking in today. I told Jamie as we were standing at a street corner waiting for the light to change that I felt like people should be talking a foreign language. Why would I say that?

Greg and I have only traveled outside the United States since we met in 2000-we go to places that english is not the first language so when I go somewhere it is usually not in the US of A.

I like US travel. I hope he and I do more of it. He always says US travel is for when we get *old* and it is harder to get around-we do so much more walking when we are in europe. He is right in that people just naturally do more walking in european countries. He's a funny guy. I got sort of side tracked....

I'm glad I got to see a tiny bit of Atlanta. The upcoming 5 days will be filled with technical learning. Honestly I'm really not looking forward to being cooped up in a classroom for 8+ hours a day. The class goes from 8:30-6.

The good thing about being in Atlanta? Is that I get to spend time with my friend Jamie. She's a real gem! Thanks Jamie for being a good travel buddy!


Jamie said...

You are welcome! I am having a lot of fun too!

bizyhands said...

Dang! Wish I would have thought to call you during my lengthy 3 hour layover yesterday in Atlanta. I sure could have used a knitting/lunch buddy. We were THIS CLOSE! But it looks as though you and Jamie are enjoying the sights and sounds of Atlanta. Take care.