Sunday, May 13, 2007

May Monthly Knitting at my house

I haven't done a post in over a week! I don't know how time goes so quickly!

Once a month I invite some knitters/spinners/crafters over for a day of art, food and lots of laughter!

I came back from Atlanta Friday night with a souvenir - a sore throat which has now turned into a nasty cold. This always happens to me when I am really warm weather and I go indoors and its freezing with air conditioning. Then you go outside to warm up and come back in and freeze. Never seems to fail that I get a cold in these conditions.

I got up a bit early Saturday(very, very tired!) to bathe Chase&Beanie, then off to Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods. I came home and before I knew it, my monthly knitting buddies started to arrive!

It was a smaller group this month.

Phyllis is always on time and is usually the first to arrive - right on the dot - 11:00! She is a knitter but right now she is concentrating on quilting - and hand applique at that! She finished appliqueing 3 squares!

As always there is a bounty of delicious, tasty treats. Here Ryan and Michale show how much joy they are getting from the food!

Ryan is Chase's new best friend. He just kept getting up on the couch(ssshhhhh we won't tell Greg!) because he just HAD to be next to her.

Doesn't he just look completely content?

TMK spun some beautiful tencel/merino. Since TMK is a master at woodworking, and tencel is derived from wood, we all agreed that she was doing a form of woodworking!

As always, blogless Michale(pronounced like Michelle) is a always getting so much done!

This is her Noni bag which is her FIRST felted project made out of Cascade 220 (sorry for the bad blowout photo): She also finished sock 1 for her dad. She and her dad are going to Egypt at the end of the month! How fun is that?

I don't have a picture of Karen and the basic black vest she was working on! You can visit her blog to see some of her progress on it. You should see her latest entry on Lorna's Laces Flamingo Stripe sock yarn. I think it would make an excellent stash builder item. Y'all know how much I love pink!

Melinda continued work on what I call "Ruth's Kauni Cardi". See her blog for more detail.

Speaking about Ruth Sorensen - the woman that designed this cardigan, go to her blog to look at the designs she is currently working on. She originally designed this cardigan to practice and play with the yarn to experiment with the color combinations. Don't be shy to leave her comments. She knows english and I'm sure she would love to get your feedback.

My goal for the day was to finish something for Dulaan. I knit a ZUD hat with Cascade Magnum. I just have to weave in the ends...

I also did some spinning on "Stippy". I moved from double drive to scotch tension. I'm more familiar with that and I like it. I feel like I have more control.

Ryan coined the name for my new Schact as "Stipulation". The story is that when I first suggested/hinted to Greg about buying the Schact, he was a bit wiggly and said that he would buy it as a birthday/anniversary gift but "there is a stipulation". I'm like "what the ??". He didn't want me leaving my wheel and all the associated fiber just sitting around downstairs in the living/family room areas. I'm he serious? This is a gorgeous piece of woodworking. It matches all our maple cabinetry!

So he quickly back tracked and even told Ryan that he didn't say that. Then he said, well he did say it but he didn't mean it THAT way!. I'm like, didn't mean it what way? It is funny and somewhat cute what happens to him and his perspective when the house is filled with women!!

So at the last Ferals meeting Ryan coined her Stipulation and then Rebecca said "Stippy!". That is where the name Stippy comes from!

One last thing. We got into a conversation about type A personalities and how many of us would consider ourselves type A? Karen and I loved how Ryan said that our hobbies are not places for the need to accomplish. It is purely for enjoyment so if you don't finish something, you should not be hard on yourself.

I like that. Easy to say, hard to do!

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