Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I'm here!

It is great here. The weather is hotter than I remember but it is relaxing. It has been nice to get up when I want, nap when I want, etc. I've still been trying to get over my cold but it is hanging on like the cloud following Pigpen(y'all do know who Pigpen is, don't you?).

My mind has been weighed down a bit-affecting my vacation in a small but significant way.

I went to the doctor two days before leaving for our trip and got some unsettling news. I went in for this annoying rash on my side and just wanted to make sure that being in salt water was ok. Yes, its fine. Don't put anything on it - no cortisone, no nothing. It will go away on its own - it started with an allergy from the metal on my work badge that just gets aggravated when I'm stressed out. It is doing much better here! I guess I better not go back to work! :)

I just happened to ask him(since he is sort of like a friend of mine) what is this on my cheek at the end of the appointment? Its been there for about 6-8 months and it doesn't seem to be going away. Is it a clogged pore or something?

He took a look, looked at it again and looked at it again. He sat back and said "basal cell carcinoma". I'm like what?? He said "yes, skin cancer. BUT! I want you to get a second opinion. If it is basal cell, it is no big deal and if it isn't, it is no big deal. Really it is no big deal".

I was sitting there, mind reeling. How could any type of cancer be no big deal?

My dad died of stomach cancer, my sister of pancreatic and my niece has leukemia. The cancer word is very scary to me and now the word was being applied to me!

I was prepared to enjoy my vacation laying on the beach, taking in the sun. Now I've been wearing 70 sunscreen and laying low in our room or in the shade. I'm a bit afraid of spending any huge amounts of time in the sun at this point. It has definitely changed how I spend my sunny vacations, no doubt about it.

I go in for the second opinion when I get back. I'm sure I'm fine.

On to what I've been knitting!

I've been working on my Euroflax linen sweater. I actually don't find the linen hard on my hands at all. I'm enjoying it! Pattern is from The Natural Knitter called Memories of Ukraine. Its going along great. It is a top down sweater. I love top down designs mostly because I don't like finishing but...I'm sure once I'm done with the Jean Wong class I'll feel very differently about finishing.

I also started some Pomatomus socks out of Fleece artist merino wool in a light pink. So cute. I've got to figure out how to load photos on the computers here so I can show you how cute they are!!

Usually on these types of vacations I don't get to take a lot of stuff because Greg has to take his diving and all his undewater photography equipment. He uses some of my baggage allotment to bring all he needs. Since he's coming home a week later than I am, he had to be more deliberate and thoughtful in his packing. This meant I could bring all the stuff I wanted to. So I brought all the different knitting I might want to do in two weeks.

The day before we left I stopped by Weaving Works on my way home. I picked up some Lorna's Laces Flamingo Stripe(part of the proceeds go to breast cancer research). I thought about buying some from Karen about a week and a half ago but I figured I didn't need any more sock yarn. Then this skin thing happened and when I saw it at Weaving Works, I just had to have it. Karen has a really good price on it. Buy the yarn here.

I figured if I have this skin cancer, I'll be a cancer survivor.

It is weird to say that. I just need to keep in mind that I have to get the diagnosis confirmed, then get it removed. It just looks like a small blemish/pimple that is going to come out but hasn't.

If you have any health related things you have been dragging your feet on getting them checked, please make your appointment today.

Gotta go enjoy the sun...from afar!


elise h said...

Hey friend! So glad to see your post and I feel your anxiety. I hope you will feel ok about slathering on sunscreen and a hat and then sitting under a chickie hut to enjoy the beautiful tranquility of the beach. No matter what happens, I know you will come through with amazing grace.

Please have a pina colada for me and I will be slathering on the sunscreen onto my whole family for you. Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

eek and whew. It's like the Doc said, I'm sure. Happy knitting, see you when you get back. I'm off to buy that sock yarn now!

Linda said...

Hey, you should be relaxing, not blogging...unless you have your laptop at the beach? Stand in front of the beach or bar cam so I can see you... It's quiet around here. Miss you.

bizyhands said...

Enjoy every minute of that vacation!

moiraeknittoo said...

Right, not at all terrifying. You'll be in my thoughts and I am sending good vibes your way. I also find trips to Weaving Works quite therapeutic. :D I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Ryan said...

I had a basal-cell carcinoma removed from my back a while ago. Now we can be skin-cancer buddies!

Gail said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying Bonair!

I sure wish they would change the name for basal cell changes. My parents have had them removed for the past 40 years, and neither has had cancer. It's just part of the annual trip to the doc.

Looking forward to your return.

Denise said...

Well, I'm sorry you may have a basal-cell spot but I'm glad your doctor found it and will take care of it.

Enjoy your vacation!