Sunday, January 20, 2008

Whole Lotta Knittin' Goin' On

I've been busy. At work and at home.

I have been good about tackling my Nihon homework. Here is the finished crewneck.

It fits great. All this hard work is coming together. There are things I would do differently. It is a tiny bit too short - both in the body and the sleeves.

With each project we do and finish I learn more about how much ease I like. For instance I know I like more ease in the sleeves. I hear many of my fellow students echo this as well.

This particular project we learned how to attach the sleeves to the body with a crochet hook. It is definitely more sturdy but it is time consuming. I know with experience I will get faster with it but at this time, it has been taking me a couple hours per sleeve. That is because as you attach the sleeve, you look at it from the right side, take it out if you don't like it and re-do.

I read the blog Knitspot from time to time and I recognize the pattern of her paris-roubaix mitts, hat, and scarf...look familiar? See her January 17, 2008 post.

So because I got SOME homework done, here is some fun knitting projects I am working on(I get to work on as a treat when I do some Nihon homework.

The project that I MUST get done before Madrona is my Ruth's Kauni Cardigan! I am almost done with the second sleeve. The sleeve will be done tonight. I am going to re-do the cast off of the first sleeve. I am going to use the invisible cast-off we learned in Nihon class.

January 1, 2008 Ellen and I started the Pi Shawl from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac - the July project. Our current plan is to do one row per night. We both have a lot of other knitting to do so one row per day is something I can commit to. This is addicting though! It is the food equivalent of potato chips. I just want to do more but I have to limit myself! I am doing it in Malabrigo's Baby Merino Wool in the Hollyhock colourway. This is oh-so-soft!

I am also doing some fair isle. The Feral's group is doing a sock or tam project. I am doing Sandy Blue's Midnight Sun Tam. Although I am not a "tam person", a fellow Nihon student and Feral knitter, Andrea, made this tam and blocked it on bowl so that the result was more like a hat than a tam. That I would wear. Here is the start of it. I will only probably work it when I attend Ferals every other Monday night. Our *due date* is April 1, 2008. This is a special date for me. I met Greg on April 1....8 years ago.

I want to start some socks...namely something from Cat Bordhi's latest book. I happened to record an episode of Knitty Gritty that had Cat on demonstrating the Coreolis sock. I want to start that. Note: Hey are your letter stitch markers coming along for Cat's techniques??? :)

I just got some beautiful yarn from Sundara. I am a member of her Season's Club. I chose the Summer colorway. I must say that because you choose a season, the colors you get are going to be something you love. I have loved each and every installment. I have been a member of a few sock clubs and some intstallments I like, some I am just ok with. With Sundara's Season's club...I have LOVED each one of them. I will definitely re-new if she decides to continue with it.

Here is a quicky photo of the latest installment - sock yarn...this will be perfect for coreolis.

Now for the non-knitting content.

Beanie is looking so darn cute. He just got a haircut. I just have to share a photo of him.

Ok, another one.

I got a new toy this weekend. All I can say is I love this thing. I wasn't too up on the iPhone. I know Amy raved about hers. This is an early Valentine gift from my husband. He got one too. His birthday is Feb 4. This whole trip down the iPhone road is all his fault(of course!). He has corrupted me!!

Amy, I can relate now!

Of course my wallpaper had to be of Chase and Beanie. Aren't they cute???


Peggy said...

You are so prolific, and I envy your learning and using the skills from the course on knitting perfection. The EZ shawl is going to be stunning!

YarnSnob said...

wow you've been a busy bee lol your sweaters are looking great. love th colours. Pi in Malabrigo...ooohh the love and its stunning

amy said...

ack! you got the iphone!! whoo hooooo! isn't it the coolest!!

as for the markers, i am being slow. sorry :)

i was inspired by you and ellen thursday and although i didn't do a cat bordhi sock, i did challenge myself to learn that magical cast on and start a pair of toe up socks. it was easy and so cool!

Jamie said...

I love the Bean dog pics!!! What a cuddle bug! Enjoy the new toy!

Rebecca said...

I love this post! Great to catch up on all your projects and you make me wish we had a fenced yard so that we can have our own Beanie and Chase!