Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quick Post - Vest is Done!

Ok folks. The vest is done. It turned out better than I expected. Still don't like the yarn. It is already pilling and I haven't even worn it yet. Plus it shows every bodily flaw known to woman-kind. Yes I have put on 10 lbs in the past year and I don't want to highlight it!

I'm very happy with the fit. Amazing how it all works out. Do a guage, knit to measurements and the thing fits well! I keep harping on guage to people. It is so important. Even though I have had issues with this vest it fits well because I measured the guage before the swatch is blocked, and after. Really. If you are going to invest time in making a garment and you plan on loving the garment by wearing it, take the time to do guage. You will never regret the time you took to make your guage swatch, because it will result in a garment that fits.

Jean actually prefers that we do two swatches. One that is blocked and one that isn't. That way if you are knitting along and the piece just doesn't look like it is going to fit, you can look at your blocked swatch to remind you of what the fabric will be like after blocking.

Here is the front:

And the back:

You may see some yarn sticking down from the ribbing. We are going to learn how to sew up the ribbing in class this weekend.

Thankfully this is done. Now tomorrow night I will block the crewneck pieces. Today at lunch I cast on and made some progress on the 2nd sleeve for the v-neck .

Students in the class got an email today from Suzanne saying that we should have all our homework completed and ready for class! I do believe I will have all my homework done for Saturday morning!

Oh. I laughed at myself and the title I chose a couple days ago, "Spinning my Wheels". I laughed because it could have meant that I actually did some spinning. No. But hopefully sometime soon. The funny thing about the classes I chose for Madrona? All spinning classes-Janel Laidman on Thursday and Judith Mackenzie McCuin on Sunday. The only knitting class I will be attending will be on Friday - I will be Ruth's helper in her Kauni design class.

I think Nihon is keeping me quite up to date on new knitting skills! My confidence is building!

Small but significant note. Thank you all for your comments. They have REALLY helped me slog through. I have learned a valuable lesson to tackle my homework early and have a plan to pace myself. I HAVE to do pleasure knitting. For me it is like having a small sweet after dinner. I have to build in time for that too! (Gotta finish my Kauni cardigan before Ruth gets here - I'm about 1/3 way done on the second sleeve - making progress on that as well)

Next session we will begin pattern drafting for project 5!

Also (yeah a quick post, uh, huh) I'm still communicating with the organization that has rescued cute little Pito, the Yorkie from Puerto Rico. He is doing well. He is eating well, his various tests have come back negative for a bunch O' stuff, he has been neutered and he is getting his teeth cleaned next week. Depending on certain factors it *may* be possible that I may have another baby in my pack. One big IF - if he would get along with Chase and Beanie and vice versa. I don't want to upset the apple cart but it might be even MORE fun to have a youngster in the house! Since Chase is 13, Beanie 11, the vet in the US thinks Pito is 4, not 1. It is heartbreaking to imagine this guy suffering for 4 years. It was bad enough thinking he'd suffered for one, but 4? No matter what happens I have comfort knowing he'll find a family that loves him - after all he should be cherished!


YarnSnob said...

I've been reading the progress of this but haven't been commenting..*blushes* But you've done a great job and it looks fab on you, well done

Rebecca said...

SwEEEt! You and I agree on gauge, totally. There is nothing so important, except maybe finishing skills... Great job, I must see it. And please, what is the yarn? If you dislike it so much I sure don't want to use it.

Sarah said...

It looks great on you! And, I am taking your advice on gauge....

: )