Friday, January 04, 2008

It is all about learning....RIGHT?

Doofus here.

How are you?

I'm doing very poorly at the moment.

Good thing I have all weekend long (and next Friday) to work feverishly to get my Nihon homeowork done. Here I am getting ready to put my vest together and things don't look quite right.

I count. I calculate, re-calculate. I think, "Oh, this isn't SO bad".

The vest back has 4 extra rows from the end of the armhole shaping to the beginning of the short rows. Not a problem. Just take out the shoulder seams(I already took out the neck ribbing to block my vest pieces), frog back 8 rows and re-knit. Very do-able. Not a big deal.

So I count the rows in my vest front so I can mark where I need to frog back on the front and re-do the short-rows. This is what I found. Something so disappointing....I could SCREAM!

Notice where the armhole shaping begins? Well it is supposed to start on the row where the orange marker is....4 rows up from where it currently is. When I re-calculated the armhole size, I adjusted it and brought it up 4 rows. If I didn't do that the armhole would be too large.

I guess when I knit the back, I did it correctly. When I knit the front, I started at the old, unadjusted point to begin the armhole shaping. You know that that means? I have to re-do the whole vest front from the armhole shaping up.

Someone please remind me why I am doing this course.


Rebecca said...

Ok, I'll bite: because you'll learn so much that your knitting will never be the same ~ it will transcend every expectation you ever had for your knitting career and you will not only amaze your friends and family, but your knitting peers. Peers, hell, you'll be in a whole new 'Peerage' and they will have to make a new class category for you guys, maybe called PeerLess Knitters of America.
OR, maybe just 'cause you wanted to learn a little bit about shaping ~ one or the other...

punkin said...

I would like to take a course like that. I think my only option is a correspondence course. I agree with Rebecca, it is an opportunity to learn and raise the bar on your skill level. Battle on! From where I stand, you are doing great.

Denise said...

Well, if you already knew how to do all this why would you be taking the course? :-)

There's a little saying that I keep by my desk at work for when I'm frustrated while writing code:
"If you're not making mistakes you're not learning anything new."

Learning involves discovering what doesn't work as much as what does. Right now you're only seeing what you're unhappy with. Look at how much you've already learned!