Sunday, January 27, 2008

I need more time!

There is so much I want to knit. Don't you wish you could either have more time to knit or to have extra arms and hands so that you could knit more?

Do you ever want to not go to events and gatherings because you would rather knit? Although I have a very busy social life, I do have to make an effort to go to these various events. That is why I love getting together with other knitters to knit. I can be social, yet still engage in my passion for knitting.

Friday I received the first installment of the 2008 Rockin Sock Club from BlueMoon Fiber arts. I just HAD to cast-on. I had a birthday party to attend Friday night. I waited to the last possible moment to leave the house and I had to bring the socks with me(in my cute Amy's mom project bag - see my last entry).

This is my progress on the sock.

Today I could not knit on it because Greg kept asking me if I was working on homework. He would see me knitting and say "is that homework?".

Yes I worked on homework. What I have been working on is the v-neck. I added 10 additional rows to the front and back of the sweater because my last sweater was just a tad too short. I finished the sleeve cap on one of the sweaters. This photo may look a bit funky and it is because I will block out the 2x2 rib pattern. So it will widen considerably after blocking.

You notice the markers on the sleeve? One color is for matching up the rows on the front and the back side of the sleeve when I attach the sleeve to the body. I will explain more in another post. How it is calculated(what row you put these markers on) is little confusing but this helps to position the sleeve when attaching it to the body of the sweater.

This afternoon I worked on the Kauni cardigan sleeves. Ssshhh. Don't tell Greg!

I tried different things for the bind off. Here is cast-off using a regular knit bind off...

Then here is the one I decided I will use. With the color I planned on binding off I did one row K1, P1. Then I did the Nihon invisible 1x1 bind off.
Now when I look at the photo, I want to do the bind-off in the purple color for this sleeve. Darn. I need to go back and re-do this. I'll be happier with it if I re-do it.

Here are the two methods, side by side. I think the Nihon one definitely looks more "finished".

If you have not checked out Ruth Sorensen's blog need to especially if you will be taking one of her classes at Madrona or at Village Yarn and Tea(Feb 20). She has samples of all her cute hat designs using Kauni. You will be in for a treat in her design classes. Fun!


Carrie said...

Thanks for the link to Ruth's hats--I'm taking her hat class and it's so cool to see them!

Gail said...

Any chance you could share the 1x1 bind off? It looks so smooth, it's really lovely.

(Yes, I'm commenting late at night...just cast on a Lavold sweater and don't want to stop knitting, except to take a break to order more ClassicAl...)

PICAdrienne said...

Isn't doing the bind off with skills learned at class a form of homework? You have to use recently aquired skills, or they are lost. If it is not homework, it is definitely 'studying' because you are using your new skills.

Denise said...

I kind of like the look of the regular bind off on the rainbow sweater, but I understand what you mean about the other one looking more finished.

I love the hats! I wonder if Ruth will be selling patterns at Madrona? I wasn't able to take her class.