Friday, January 25, 2008

I love Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Happy Friday!

My last post showed how my 2 BMFA Laci yarns in Rook-y did not look right.

I wrote to them this morning and JoAnn who has been helping me was so responsive. I directed her to the photo and she said to definitely send the yarn back(they will pay postage) and they will send me replacement skeins.

So I will package them up and send them back. I'll post new photos when the new skeins arrive.

Another reason I love Blue Moon? I joined their Rockin' Sock Club 2008 again this year. I just got the first package today. Yee Haw.

Shhh. I can hear you guys saying "doesn't she have ENOUGH projects on the needles? Shouldn't she be doing her homework like a good little girl?". That would be yes. Does that prevent me from moving forward with these socks? NO.

I am working on rebelling more! :) Rule followers beware. Naomi is on her way to breakin' the rules! (I know. I'll break the rules for about 5 seconds)

I got a new sock bag, sewn by Amy's mom. These are great. They are lightweight, they have a snap yarn guide inside, drawstring closure and a handy dandy hooky thingy so you can hook it to belt loops. It also has a wristlet thing a ma bob if you want to carry it around your wrist. So versatile.

I have to put a new project in there or else it might feel lonely. So I have to start the BMFA rockin' socks(the only clue I'll give you is they are called Serendipity).

Amy gave me a different one for Christmas and I love it. Then she put some up for sale this past week and I had to have this one because it had pink, brown and green colors. Amy - I used your photo - hope you don't mind!

Well last night I met up with Ellen, Melinda and Amy. Amy brought some additional bags her mom had made. While I was looking at some stuff in the store, Ellen had picked out a bag that she wanted. It was the same one I have. No freakin' way.

I was just aghast. Not again. Yes. Ellen had chosen *my* bag. Although Ellen and I are not like Peggy and Rebecca, true twins, somehow through cosmic forces Ellen and I got separated BEFORE birth.

I really want to post a photo of the new Blue Moon Rocking Sock Club 2008 installment but I won't be a spoiler. I don't know how to do one of those fake photos that says "spoiler alert" and you click on it if you want to really see it. If someone knows how...drop me a line and tell me how.

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