Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do these look like the same colorway?

The very last day of 2007 I made an order with Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The last hurrah of 2007.

The reason for my order(do I need a reason?) is I had it in my mind to do Irtfa'a. If you have not seen this design, you must. It is the perfect design for Blue Moon's Raven colors.

Ellen and I decided to do this(I know...when?). So then we had decide what Raven color we wanted.

Originally I waffled between Rook-y and Korppi. I decided Rook-y. Mind you this was not an easy decision. I looked on blogs, on Ravelry and on Blue Moon's website. Finally I made a decision. Rook-y.

I waited for Ellen's e-mail letting me know her decision.

Lo and Behold, she was waffling between Rook-y and Korppi and had decided on Rook-y.

I was surprised, yet not.

You must understand something about Ellen and me. We have these very scary similar tastes. We gravitate to the same patterns. I thought "our color choices can be very different so we probably won't pick the same color". True to our "twin-ness", we chose the exact same color. (We joke that we must have been twins in a prior life. Not just because of our tastes but our personalities as well).

Do these look like the same color? According to my order, these are both Rook-y.

In person, the skeins look very different. Not even close, really. One skein did not even have the yarn band attached. According to Blue Moon, there was some confusion with our order and they wanted to make sure the 2 Rook-y's came from the same batch and that is why it took 3 weeks for the order to arrive. Hence, I was even more surprised when I opened the package because...well...."a picture is worth a thousand words". 01/23/2008-Clarification: I had contacted BMFA because it was taking so long for the order to arrive and I inquired on order status and this is what they said, "Thanks for your email. I apologize for the delay in your order going out! I was on vacation last month, and the person covering for me made in an error in sending your order to production, so only 1 Laci came through, instead of 2. So I sent it back to production to be corrected. It normally doesn't take this long". I interpreted this as them making sure the two skeins came from the same lot.

Maybe these 2 skeins sort of representative of our "twin-ness". We don't look anything like each other(except we are about the same height). Maybe these two Rook-y's are really representative of us...similar, yet different.

What would you do? Send one back? For this particular design I do not like the skein on the right in the photo. What do you all think?


YarnSnob said...

Now this is really strange cos I can decided between rooky or korrpi and in the end I chose both lol. Yes, they do look totally different, I'd send one back or both and ask them to chose two that are almost identical as they are for one project. How annoying, i hope mine look ok!! EEkk

Elise said...

I don't care for the one on the right as much as the one on the left. Maybe you should send both back to ensure that two new skeins will be sent and that both will be from the same dye lot.

That's my middle name said...

I'm looking forward to seeing them in person tomorrow night. I just don't see the subtle colors in the one on the left, but is the one on the right too colorful? The most curious part is that they held onto the order so they could send matching skeins. Uh, not!

Melinda said...

I would send it back unless it fit into the design you wanted to make.

BTW, your round-neck sweater looks fantastic!

Carrie said...

The one on the right doesn't look as color-saturated as the Ravens are meant to be, does it? I'd be tempted to send them back--that Laci ain't cheap, and it seems like they may have sent two different colorways by accident.