Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Rockin' Sock Club 2007 and more

In 2006 I was late to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock Club party and was very disappointed. I did not get a spot but this will not be the case in 2007. I signed up for the club and I'm looking forward to it. If history is a predictor for the future, then 2007 will be a lot of fun.

I enjoy going out in blog land to see what the club is knitting up. Although some colors are not ones I would immediately gravitate to, I like being able to open myself to the full spectrum of colors.

Lately I've started a few projects that are in colors that were not my first choice. For instance the Swallowtail shawl by Evelyn Clark(Interweave Knits Fall 2006). This color is more muted than I would nornally go for. I thought...expand your horizons Naomi. Here is a photo of the start of the shawl.

I have to post some cute photos of Chase, my GIANT YORKIE. He's 12 pounds and 12 years old. He's a bit overweight but overall he is just a big Yorkie. His parents were standard height and weight. I don't know what happened but he is a purebred little(big) guy. I bought him just about 6 months after I bought my first house and thought "I can get a dog now!". Of course I just went to "go look" but couldn't resist his Yorkie charms. I remember being glad I had brought with my checkbook with me. I must have had some idea I'd come home with a dog. He was only 2.5 pounds back then. He stole my heart and he still has a firm grip on it.


bizyhands said...
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bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
Nice lacey pattern. I really like that one. Chase has such an irresistable face (giant or not!). Adorable!