Thursday, November 09, 2006

Madrona Fiber Arts 2007 Winter Retreat

I just signed up to attend 3 classes at the Madrona Fiber Arts 2007 Winter Retreat.

The funny thing about registration... I knew registration opened at 8am. Well I have today off and was down having breakfast with Greg at around 7:30 and then he got a work call. I was sitting reading a book and I thought "let me just go upstairs and look at the Madrona website". The registration link was already there! I clicked on the link and I registered. I was tempted to sign up for more classes but I figure 3 full days of classes is enough for this go-round.

The past week I've been reading and then re-reading the class list. If only I could be like Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter books who could fiddle with time so she could be in more than one class at a time.

I ended up taking only classes from Jean Wong. The first is a two-day class on Tailored Knitting on Thursday and Friday Jan 25-26, and then her Fine Finishing class on Saturday the 27th. I wanted to take others but right now my interest is in both these subjects.

The wonderful thing about this retreat is it is in my own backyard. Tacoma is about a 40 minute drive from my house but I don't want to hassle with the traffic. I have a feeling I'll be pretty tired by the end of my classes so I'll just stay two nights at the Sheraton. I figure it is a mini-vacation. It should be fun.

When I told Greg about Madrona, he said I should just stay in the hotel and truly enjoy my experience. I told him he could join me overnight one night but he said "Oh you mean I could experience the knitting bee?". Lordy. I just don't know what to say to him when he says stuff like that. Like my friend Jamie says..."WHATEVER...with Sparkles!"

When he takes underwater photography classes he goes to exotic locations like Bonaire, Fiji, and Indonesia. I go to Tacoma.

One day I'll do one of the England/Scotland tour trips. I have even told him I'm going to go to live in England for a couple of years to get my degree in Knitting. Oh...I digress.

I hope all of you that registered at Madrona got your first choice classes. If any of you are going, let me know. It would be fun to meet up at some point and share some coffee or a meal!


bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
Oh, you lucky girl. A knitting retreat sounds wonderful! I hope you enjoy your getaway. So, he thinks you want him to experience the knitting bee, eh? I'm picturing Greg in a cute little bee outfit. Very becoming...

Karen said...

Last year, my DH was on a business trip to Germany at the same time as the retreat. Coincidentally, we were having our wills re-drawn at the beginning of the year, and we pushed to get them re-done before DH left on his trip. So there we were in the lawyer's office to sign our wills and have them witnessed, and the lawyer made some remark about "getting everything finalized before you go out of the country." (Remember the political climate and that Americans traveling abroad being a bit of a risky proposition at that time.) My DH piped up and said, "Yes, I'm going to Germany," and I said, "And I'm going to Tacoma!" and the lawyer burst out laughing.

Our knitterly trips to Scotland will come, just you wait and see.