Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Abalone Progress Report

What is a person to do when they get up at 3:30 am? If you are a knitter you probably get up and knit. Yesterday I was up at 3:30 and today I was up at 3:33.

Yesterday morning I knit some rows on Abalone. I finally made it to the sleeve steeks and making my way up the rest of the body. So yes, I am making progress even if I am a fickle knitter.

I flit from one project to the next. Its just so much fun starting new projects but lately (in the past few years) I've become more "committed" to my projects. That means I finish them in relatively good time once I start them. I'm not saying I've completed all the projects I've started in the past few years, I'm just saying I'm progressing at staying committed through sickness and in health to my projects, so to speak. Staying committed to my projects seems to coincide with getting married. Hmmmmnnn.

Here is a photo of Abalone.

Happy Tuesday everyone and Happy Fickle Knitting!


Elise Hiller said...

I am impressed with your committment and your resolve to knit at that unholy hour of the morning! Look at it this way, though...you slept a whole three minutes later today.

Rebecca said...

Fickle knitting, snarksnortgasp! So true! I need a new, BIG project ~ what I need is an A.S.! I'm bored with these little distractions ~ I want to do some major knitting, like Abalone. You totally inspire me!

Karen said...

Having several projects going at once is actually therapeutic -- you have different projects going on different sized needles and of different difficulty levels, and it benefits your hand and wrist joints as well as your gray matter to trade off among all these different projects. :-)
Abalone is looking really good! Is it my imagination (or my computer monitor) -- she seems more green in the photo than in real life.

bizyhands said...

Beautiful, and VERY inspiring! T