Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dinner with Mauro Golmarvi

Sunday night Greg and I hosted a dinner party for 8 at our home. The chef was Mauro Golmarvi - owner of Assaggio Ristorante in Seattle.

If you've ever eaten there or had him greet you when you come in, you'll know he is such a warm and vibrant soul. If you are lucky enough he may come visit you at your table to say hi and have a nice little chat. It is like you are coming to eat in his home and he wants you to feel welcome. We usally go there for special occasions like our wedding anniversary or birthday's.

We, along with some other folks, purchased this dinner at a fundraiser for a local private school.

A few years ago we had introduced my sister-in-law Renee and her husband Mike(Greg's brother) to Assaggio. Renee' has worked on many school auctions(She is THE MOST TALENTED, ORGANIZED auction director out there) and when she told us Mauro was donating a dinner for 8 - we said we are in to bid on that item with them. Man, was it worth the contribution to the school! We had an ABSOLUTE BLAST. You can bet we'll be bidding on this again when the auction happens in March 2007.

Petyr Beck and Holly ?(I don't know her last name) volunteered to be servers and clean up crew so it was truly a decadent evening.

The wine flowed, the food came in wonderful waves and we delighted in each and every course! This was truly a treat, a night to remember.

Petyr brought each one of us a copy of Mauro's cookbook which can be purchased here. Petyr worked on the book and its lovely. Thanks Petyr! That was very thoughtful of you!

Here are some photos that show how much fun we had!

Mauro is teaching Pam and I how to correctly cut an onion.

Here we are hanging out in the kitchen. Doesn't everyone always tend to congregate in the kitchen?

Here Mauro is telling me and my brother-in-law Terry the finer points about proscuitto and risotto!

Here is the gang(no Holly or Peter) - attendees Renee', Terry, Karen, Greg, Pam, Pat, Mike and myself.

How could you not fall in love with Mauro. He is passionate about food and he loves people. Here he is with Pam and Pat(and "Relax" glass sculpture by Dino Rosin).

Set your TIVO's and DVR's to the Food Network on December 23 at 1:30 pm. You can see Mauro in action on Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello. This segment will be on Italian Comfort Food! There is no way I'm going to miss that one! Mauro - you're a love!

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bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
What a great looking party. Thanks for sharing the photos, links, and viewing info. Enjoy your weekend.