Saturday, November 04, 2006

Button, Button, I've got the Buttons ( : )

Do you love getting JUST the right buttons for a project?

Rebecca turned me on to this twice-a-year sale(no, it is not IKEA). It is this amazing place that has wonderful buttons of all types. I even got some lovely 1800's vintage ones. The place is called Beppo's. I'm happy to say I'm now on their mailing list so I can go insane twice a year.

Here's the lowdown on my "experience".

I picked my sister Cheryl up and we stopped at Tully's on the way to "the event". That was a whole weird experience in and of itself. I won't bore you with those details. It was twilight zone worthy!

Those of you who know Cheryl....can understand that we can be dangerous together. Can you hear the justifications spilling from our mouths? We are perfect enablers for one another. We call that "supportive".

I went straight for the buttons and man, I had an armload. I was getting a bit overwhelmed by, yes, buttons. I had to get a basket and fill it to the brim(it was small) with these cards of buttons. Then...sanity finally took over. I went to a table and started filtering through them. If I didn't I would have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on buttons. The vintage ones aren't cheap..well they sort of are. It depends how you look at it. BEWARE: Justifcation logic.

You know how it is. You make a sweater and you want the right buttons. You go from shop to shop looking and looking for the right button. Then you see the ones you want and they are $4 each. I've done that many times. can see where my justification brain kicks in...."these buttons are cheap compared to ones I've purchased before". The only thing about that justification....I don't have 15 projects waiting for the "perfect" buttons.

The women at Beppo's package the buttons on these colorful cards that show the buttons off perfectly. Then they match buttons up that would look good together. They have a gift for buttons, if there is such a thing. I took some photos(very bad) but you can get an idea of their gift for packaging buttons.

For anyone happening onto this you know you can have a passion for buttons too. Ok, I won't go that far to say I have a passion for buttons but twice a year I'll go and search out more perfect buttons for all my future, unimagined projects!

Here is a sample of the beauties:

Here are some vintage pearl buttons. The photo does not do these guys justice.

This next set was a splurge. I got a couple cards that are vintage 1800 buttons that have so much detail its amazing. You'd think with the technology we have these days that you could get buttons this artistic.

Some wood buttons.

These reminded of my travels to Africa. I had to have these. The funny story about these - I was putting back some other expensive cards and then I found this one. I love them, absolutely love these. It will be perfect for somthing that is African themed.

I was drawn to these pinkish/reddish/maroon buttons. I especially liked the cards like this one. Four bucks!

I'm buttoned out at the moment. Good thing I have 6 months before the next sale.


Karen said...

Hey, very fun! I like those 1800's ones. Was the sale very crowded?

bizyhands said...

Hi Naomi!
Wow, I would totally enab -- I mean support you in your decision to buy all those buttons. (I must admit that I too have a vintage button collection from my parents.) My fave is the one that looks like an electron is flying around. It looks so Spirograph! You did good!