Sunday, November 26, 2006

Life and Knitting Updates

I've been busy with the holiday's and what-not.

I find time a curious thing. It just goes faster as you get older. How is that? Time moves at the same rate of speed so why does it go faster as you age?

As a young child I would complain and could not wait until I would get my driver's permit. I remember thinking I have 8 years until I turned 15 and a half and could get my permit. My mom would tell me that as a person gets older that time just goes faster and faster. I looked at her like she was nuts - what? All I knew was that it was not going fast enough for me! We all know from first hand experience that, yes, time does seem to go faster as you get on in years.

I thought coming into the Thanksgiving holiday that I had a full 5 days off that I would get a lot of knitting done! I had 5 days after all.....

Wednesday I spent 1/2 the day at my sister's bakery, The Madison Park Bakery, helping to fill pre-orders. Yes...I was there at 6am. They are so busy during the holiday's that I usually help out at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. I came home and felt like I was coming down with something so I just read in bed the rest of the day. Nice!

Well...we all know that Thanksgiving is shot because my hands are busy shoving all kinds of food and drink into my body that I don't have motivation to knit. So no knitting done then.

Friday my sister's and I planned to take our niece Ariana out for her 21st birthday drink. We didn't start heading out until 8pm. So I did get some knitting done in the afternoon. There was a channel on cable that had like this CSI marathon so I sat there like a zombie, knitting all afternoon. Good thing I went out that night(Greg went to the Sonic's game) because the couch and I would have become one.

Saturday G and I went to Costco in the morning. Greg loves entertaining so he's like "let's invite people over for dinner". So it ends up all my sisters, their kids and husbands came over for dinner(11 of us). The only knitting I did was in the car to and from Costco.

Sunday - off to U Village. Greg was looking at photography books for like 2 hours. I got bored looking around so I went to the coffee shop and sat with my eggnog latte' knitting on the Lupine Lace Socks. Here is my progress.

This afternoon I came upstairs to my office to work on finishing up this scrapbook for my in-laws of our trip to Italy in September 2005. It is this huge monkey on my back. So instead of finishing that up I called my friend Renee' and we talked for almost an hour. I only have Florence yet to scrapbook but I update my blog as the next distraction(do you see an pattern here?).

I want to get side-tracked(again) for one second. Florence has great yarn shops. I went to this place that was just 1.5 blocks from where we were staying (5 minute walk from the Duomo) that was where yarn is manufactured. Boy did I get some screaming deals there! It was so much fun to go there! They spoke some english and I would love to take some knitters there.

Anyway - update on Abalone. I only have 30 more rows before the body is done and I can cut for the sleeve steeks! I was hoping that I would be done for class this Thursday and Rebecca could help me with the cutting! Here is the current progress on that:

I really better get on to doing at least a few pages on the scrapbook. Then I can knit as a reward!

Hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday!

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