Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nihon Vogue Homework Update

As promised, I have photos of my Nihon Vogue homework.

What this Nihon Vogue Certificate Program? This is some information that was provided to the students in year one.

**The NAC Nihon Vogue Certificate program is a multi-year course of study accredited in 1961 by the Japanese Ministry of Education. This is a very serious course of study, similar to university study, for students wishing to become instructors or learn advanced techniques for personal satisfaction

**The Japanese techniques require drafting of patterns using metric measurements and graph paper for precise tailoring and fit.

**Our version of the first level or "Standard Course" requires 100 hours of instructional time completed in 10 weekend sessions spread out over a year's time. The students will be taught specific technical details and methodology in the Japanese way using standards set forth by the Nihon Amimono Culture Association(NAC).

**This rigorous course requires students to complete 8 different sweaters during the course. They will learn specific techniques that include measuring, drafting and adapting patterns for proper fitting, design specific garment types, knit special features such as collars, sleeves and necklines, and complete each garment with professional finishing techniques and details.

When I completed my sleeves today for the crewneck with set-in sleeves I was impressed how following the row/stitch guage along with my pattern drawing, how close and precise the finished pieces are. This is very exciting!

I am learning so much. A lot of this course is a lot of knitting. I have spent many hours getting my homework done. A LOT!

It may not be as fun or as *sexy* as what other people are knitting right the Tangled Yoke Cardigan, the Modern Quilt Wrap, Autumn Rose, etc. It is providing me with concepts, the confidence to design in the future.

I appreciate my friends and family that understand when I say "I don't have time to go out", "I can't do this" etc. because what I, and the other 14 students, are undertaking is an advanced degree of sorts. It is like going to graduate school. Any of my fellow students will attest, this a big commitment. Both financially and time-wise.

What I hate to hear from people is "its KNITTING". Can you hear the disbelief, the tone that this is ridiculous? Excuse me? I get frustrated that knitting is not considered an art, it does not get the respect it deserves. This is a passion not unlike other professions that in order to further your knowledge, skills, techniques you have to make the commitment to further your education.

Any of you that have gone to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee understand exactly what I am talking about.

Now onto the photos.

The raglan. Nearly complete. Next session we will learn about finishing the neck.

The vest. I still need to finish the right front neck decreases and short rows(thought this was already done! I also have a few more rows of the bottom ribbing to complete).

The vest back.

The crewneck with set-in sleeves. This has been a challenge - just a lot of knitting. I have learned a lot on this project. I am really jazzed about how all the pieces are coming together (both garment-wise and concept wise). This is very exciting to me. I am especially pleased with the sleeves. They actually look like sewn garments. I cannot wait to see how this garment will look when completed. I just hope it fits! :)

Here are the pieces on the drafted pattern. It is hard to see the pattern behind the knitted pieces. This particular yarn grows A LOT, width-wise, after washing but virtually no change length-wise. This is why the width of the pieces are smaller than the pattern and the legnth is just where I want them. This is another plug for why you ABSOLUTELY MUST wash/dry your guage swatches.

Crewneck back. I did not finish the neckline decreases for the back. I do not understand what I am supposed to do. I'm going to leave this as is and when we have class next week I will ask Jean about it.

Crewneck front. I think this looks pretty darn good.
Crewneck Sleeves. I love how these look. Oh, the anticipation to see if all my pieces will fit together! Oh, the excitement!
I'd like to show you some other *fun* knitting but I have spent virtually all weekend working on homework. I had to work on my day off Friday so that really put a kink in my schedule for getting all my homework done. I had laid out what I had to do and the amount of time I still have before next Saturday. Then work got in the way. So I have been buried in front of the TV (I love Court TV) all weekend long!

I still have to finish up the vest, knit and wash/dry my guage swatch for project 4 - a v-neck sweater with set-in sleeves. I am not doing a pattern on this project. I'm sticking to my prior strategy - keep things simple and do not choose fingering weight!

If any of you are interested in possibly embarking on this course, Jean Wong will be teaching some classes at Madrona in February 2008. I would recommend taking one or more of her courses so you can get a taste of what you will be learning. Her classes fill very quickly.


Jamie said...

They look great! From my untrained Knitting eye they look very complicated and your talent shows. Knitting is absolutely an art!

Gail said...

Oooh, when you're, the thing is supposed to fit???

Gail said...

2nd try:

You mean when you've finished knitting a sweater, it'll fit?
I always relied on chance. And knowing a large number of people in various shapes and sizes who like getting handknits.

Thank you for letting us follow along to see how this course progresses. I know you all are working very hard on it.

Karen said...

Nice photos. Everything looks so professional.

YarnSnob said...

they are looking really professional. I can't wait to see all the pieces sewn up! Hurry!!

Arctic Knitter said...

Looks great! What a lot of work! I'm looking forward to coming down for Madronas & perhaps taking a Jean Wong class. Keep up the good work!

melinda said...

Good job! Yes it might not be "fun" knitting but I know you're learning so much that you'll be able to apply to other projects.

Trish said...

Hi sister, it was so nice to bump into you at Barnes. I LOVE my book, and am highlighting great points. We all have our shit, and no one is exempt. I'm glad you have your hubby back. Hang in there... I love you! P.S. I love the pictures of your work.

Meaghan said...

This stuff looks great. I've been presented with an opportunity to take this class in the fall of '08, and I'm very seriously considering it. Any advice you can give me before I go in?