Saturday, October 13, 2007

Domino Knitting with Vivian Hoxbro

I know I'm a *bit* behind in my blogging. Last weekend I spent only one day at the Nordic Knitting Conference here in Seattle.

I have always wanted to take a class with Vivian Hoxbro and this was my opportunity.

I had taken domino knitting with Susanna Hansson(of Bohus fame) earlier in the year but I really wanted to take this class with Vivian. I sure am glad I did.

She was SO much fun! She is a comedian. The stories she told were very entertaining.

This class was very laid back. She handed out instructions to make either a hat or bag and you get started knitting.

We spent most of our time knitting on our projects. She demonstrated to us individually what "around the corner" meant and how to properly join the squares.

For some reason when I took Susanna's class I was unsure of what I was doing with the joins. This time I experienced a lightbulb moment. So easy. Why didn't I feel confident last time? Maybe it was just a different way of showing it. Maybe it was easy this time since since I had exposure to it before.

Vivian brought a suitcase full of garments she has designed and we got to try them all on. That was so much fun. Everyone was laughing, giddy. We were like little girls playing dress up!

Vivian will not be at Madrona in 2008 but she will be there in 2009!

Melinda has a good post about Vivian's color theory class she taught at the Nordic Knitting Conference. Check it out here.

Here is Vivian signing my books. As you can see, my Sigg water bottle is cluttering up the photo. You will notice that in my next post about Annemor Sundbo. That darn water bottle is in the way in that photo too! Maybe this water bottle will be like the sock knitting in Stephanie's photos!

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margaret in manhattan said...

I agree with you about how delightful Viv is ... glad you had fun with her!