Saturday, October 27, 2007

Do You Need a Dolce And Gabbana Knitting Bag??

I found this bag while surfing the Nordstrom website.

I had seen a very cute pair of slippers in Cannon Beach which I thought were perfect for the fiber enthusiast but didn't buy them and regretted it ever since. So I started looking for them. I found them on They are Haflinger Sheep Slippers. I got the black ones.

As I was surfing around(I love bags) I found the Dolce & Gabbana 'Miss Romantic Large' Knitting Bag. I got a good laugh at finding a D&G "Knitting Bag"! A must have for the fashion/designer conscious knitter! At the price tag of $2195 I think it is a pass for me.

Knitting must be making strides in the muggle world!

I promise Nihon Vogue homework post tomorrow!


Karen said...

Say . . . my birthday's coming up . . . I'm gonna put that D&G bag on my wishlist and see what happens. Teehee. What a great shopper you are, to have found that!

margaret in manhattan said...

you are SUCH an enabler! nope, didn't get the bag, but did get the slippers in the earth colorway - bad bad Naomi! ;o)