Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Local Supplier for Kauni Yarn!

I have been meaning to post for a number of days.

I was a model in a Louet Trunk show last Friday night- showing off a VERY cute swingy skirt called Sasha. I had seen the pattern this past summer and thought "who would knit this? I am so sure!". Well everyone...this was very cute on. Now I want to knit it. Unfortunately no one took pictures so you can't see all the very cute Louet patterns!

I don't have much spare time to knit "fun stuff" because I've been very occupied with Nihon Vogue homework. I need to take photos of the 3 garments before I do that post.

So on to the title of this post.

Village Yarn and Tea is now carrying the famous Kauni yarn. If you read blogs(especially Yarn Harlot) then you know how hot this yarn is. Melinda is the one that really got this Kauni Cardigan craze going. Once she mentioned this on her blog, I got on the bandwagon immediately. I had a hard time getting the yarn and I made friends with the designer, Ruth Sorensen. Through all the blogs and such, Margaret also got on the bandwagon and knit hers in short order. Well...she went to a Yarn Harlot event and Stephanie saw it and had to knit it as well. That is how this craze really got going. Once Stephanie gets a hold of things...watch out. That woman can move mountains!

Long story short.....

I actually assisted Village to carry this yarn. Ruth was the main go-between Kauni and Village as there were some language issues but it all worked out and now Village has that vendor relationship established. So go over there and buy them out so they can order more, you could probably even request certain colorways for their next order! (Deb, Victoria and Ellen - correct me if I am wrong on that!)

Ruth is coming in February to teach at the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat. She will be teaching two classes. Keep an eye out for the full Madrona schedule. Should be out on the Madrona website soon!

I am so excited! Ruth will be staying with me for a week after the retreat and we will do some local sighseeing. I am also trying to coordinate doing some kind of trunk show of sorts at Village Yarn and Tea to highlight her designs, as well as other innovative ways the yarn can be used. Although this would not be happening until February 2008, keep your eyes out on the Village Yarn and Tea website for details.

So if you live in the Seattle area and are looking for the Kauni yarn, head over to Village Yarn and Tea!


Anonymous said...

thanks...i'll check out the kauni. is it that tiered skirt with many colors?? karen

margaret in manhattan said...

thanks for the mention, Naomi! just a slight correction (no reason that you would know this) ... didn't go to a Yarn Harlot event - I happened to be in School Products here in nyc and so was Stephanie, along with mutual friend Cassie of toomuchwool fame - and that's where she laid eyes on a partially done cardi that was peeking out of my knitting bag.

anyway, if you check out the Kauni group on ravelry, there are some pretty amazing examples of what some brilliant knitters have been doing with the yarn.

Rebecca said...

Hey Naomi ~ I hope to get into Ruths class at Madrona. Their schedule for '08 sounds amazing! Thanks for the heads-up on Village carrying her yarn.

sarah said...

How exciting! Thanks for sharing... I so want to come to Madron - I talk about it at least every other day!

PICAdrienne said...

Oh, that is so very cool. I was just thinking about something I wanted to knit with the yarn, but didn't really want to buy without actually seeing it.

Hmm, by the time football, cheer and volleyball season are over, they may not have any left in the store...

Thanks for sharing the information.